28 thoughts on “Big, Fat Anvil of Irony Falls on Chris Hansen’s Head

  1. I can’t understand why these men value their crotch that much… Likely divorce and job termination for getting laid, really?

  2. Well, at least she isn’t some ugly tattooed crack whore. (Okay, that was my sexist remark for the day.)
    The one guy, on the face of the whole freakin’ planet who should know better, and after all these years of doing the whole “predators” thing. I mean, I’m sitting here watching “Men In Tights”, drooling over Amy Yasbeck, but I wouldn’t chuck my whole career (if I had one) and my marriage just for a few quickies!
    Then again, maybe if I brought Amy home and asked the wife REALLY nicely…… 😉

  3. oh, the irony! 😆 ordinarily, i wouldn’t give a shit if chris hansen was getting his dinky stinky or not, but i absolutely despise that whole ‘to catch a predator’ thing.

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