US Bankers Run Wild Still
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It’s a damn shame that Europe has to wag a finger at the U.S. for its failure to reign in the insane bonuses given to the executives and risk-takers who destroyed the economy.

No confidence bitches.

True the bailout was specifically designed to prop up the financial sector first and foremost….supposedly for us, the pissants who lived blissfully apathetic to how damaging an unregulated market would be.

Now we care…except we don’t.

America is too…what?

Stupid? Greedy? Void of short term memory?

to put its year-old new laws into play.   Europe says our new rules have no teeth anyway.

HBO’s Too Big to Fail does well telling the dramatic moment in 2008 when the financial system faced collapse.  The villainy is glossed over though with obscure references to greed and deregulation.  A bigger story would focus on Goldman who sold doomed securities to banks and investors knowing the risk and betting against their own customers’ purchases of Goldman’s shitty financial products.

One of the most impressive aspects of the film is how slime and filth look so clean and shiny.


18 thoughts on “Europe Has to Scold Douchebag Libido for Money

  1. “One of the most impressive aspects of the film is how slime and filth look so clean and shiny.”

    That’s why the slime on Wall Street wear $3,000 suits that are all clean and shiny.

    • I remember (in real life) a stressed-looking Paulsen emulating death-warmed-over, but he was a part, a huge part, of the machine that drove us off the deregulation cliff.

      Selling his Goldman stocks was supposed to erase the appearance of impropriety? Are you fucking kidding me? He got out while the gettin’ was gold.

      And they’ve all WATCHED the economy shrink and have provided very little relief for individuals.

      Not to mention struggling homeowners tossed to the sharks.

  2. Hmm. For some reason, WordPress isn’t talking to me anymore. Never got the notice about this post. Rats!

    • Thanks for picking up on that subtlety. I like stories from the Judeo-Christian tradition–Not for shoving down people’s throats, but the lessons and characters are ones most of us are exposed to, and there are so many good ones. Adam and Eve might always be might favorite, but the story of the worship of money is so suitable for these times.

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