Judge Spits all over Scott Walker
me all over pictures

Ha ha!

A judge has spit all over Wisconsin Governor Lyin’ Scott Walker.

The Republicans violated the open meetings law.


Senate vote.


Assembly vote the next day.


Governor’s signature.


And my boyfriend, Russ Feingold would whup Walker’s ass in a recall election.

Oh, and Wisconsin Republicans say they don’t have to listen to some pissant circuit court.

P.S. Yes, I know I stole Wonkette’s awesome spit style for my graphic.  Payback.


20 thoughts on “Everybody Still Hates Scott Walker

  1. I feel bad for the guy. He commited a political suicide without being sure his anti-union move would really work.

  2. is there any reason to like this shithead? he’s physically repulsive, he sounds like an idiot when he speaks, and his policies are despicable. that said, people hate the criminal in the floriduhhh’s governor’s mansion even more. 😛

  3. Yes, have to agree with you, Melissa, your boyfriend–Russ Feingold–would whup Walker’s ass in a head to head match up. At this point, I’m sure many people in Wisconsin are hoping he does.

    Hope you had a safe and happy holiday day. Have a great week!

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