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The Grossinator.

Editorial suggestion: “difficult on him”



82 thoughts on “Dirty CNN

  1. And to think we almost changed the Constitution so he could be our president. I’m sure though he would have risen up to the occasion and thrust his sword of righteousness repeatedly at our adversaries to leave us with a warm feeling for democracy and the craving for a cigarette.

    • I feel bad for Maria. She must feel stupid with all that going on right under her nose, but she shouldn’t. It’s not her fault that she was no match for his narcissism.

      • i know i’m a bitch, but i don’t feel sorry for maria. she knew he was a dog, but she wanted to be first lady of california so much that she dismissed all the women who accused her lecherous husband of…well, lechery. the only people i feel sorry for are the kids.

          • it’s definitely a kennedy chick thing (or maybe it’s a holdover catholic thing) that you grin and bear it when you find out your husband has been cheating on you. maria knew before they were married that he was a womanizer and a dog, but she wanted to marry him anyway, so it’s difficult to feel sorry for her now. and that’s her business, and it’s not up to me or anyone else to say it’s right or wrong. what is wrong is that she implied that the women who accused her husband of sexual harassment were liars.

            • The grossness of the maid pregnant with his baby and prancing around the family home while Maria is also pregnant with his baby, no matter how much a dick she is, he’s worse to let it happen.

              But my theory on the uber-wealthy being a bastion of freakazoids is bolstered.

        • Nonnie, I gotta agree with ya on this one. And I think Melissa nailed it – it’s a defective Kennedy-family gene. Kinda like the one in the guys that made ’em randy as goats. Or maybe it’s just cause I grew up in a household that felt sorry for Richard Nixon. (I kid thee not – even though my mom called him “Tricky Dick” – like most of the rest of the nation – both my mom and dad watched his infamous departure with long faces. And yes, I was sad too. Sorry, I have a dark past! 😉 )

          • Wow. I admit to Nixonian leanings, and not a single rotten tomato (or hysterical raisin 😉 ) came flying my way. Dang, I must be losing my annoying touch. Maybe I need to recount my tales of leading the Reagan Revolution in my high school! 😀

            • Die, running dog capitalist imperialist pig child of fascist Reaganite and Nixonite destructors of human harmony and uplift, die!

              There! Do you feel better now?


            • Hmm. That sounded AWFULLY rehearsed. Are you hinting you need a new Che Guevara T-shirt for Christmas? 😉

              • Jesus, John, I made it up on the fly just to make you feel comfortable, and you get all t-shirty on me. Now I’m thinking your Reagan panties got all bunched up in the wrong places because you couldn’t get an insult from this crowd. See, try to be nice to a conservative type of fellow, reach out a hand to help him out, and what happens? He whacks you with a t-shirt threat!

                I think you need a WriteChic t-shirt. Pic of Melissa on the front and Roosevelt on the back, Reagan in one armpit and Nixon in the other. Something any WriteChicker would be proud to wear. C’mon, John, put your order in now.

                (Yeah, probably too much coffee today. I’ve got to cut back.)


              • Actually, I like the T-shirt idea, though I do have to ask which Roosevelt. (Just making sure…) Though I would strike the Nixon/Reagan armpit art. There’s enough nasty emanations from my pits, thank you. (EW!) 🙂
                And how did you know I had on Reagan panties? (You know, old, wrinkled, white with grey around the edges.) (DOUBLE EW!!!) 😀
                And why do I get the idea that your caffeine intake, or lack thereof, wouldn’t have an impact on this exchange? 😉

              • Your body produces its’ own coffee? Oh Lord, there are SO many nasty things I could come up with for that line. So I’ll let you use your own imagination! 😉
                I used to watch Doctor Who. Matt Smith just doesn’t work for me. I was always hoping that Doctor Who and Top Gear would do a crossover – Tennant and Richard Hammond would be SO interchangeable. Couldn’t you just see the Doctor trying to discuss something with Clarkson, while the Hamster tries to get the TARDIS working? 😀

              • Smith does take some getting used to, but he’s fun.

                I never watch Top Gear so I can’t comment.

                You’re just jealous about the coffee thing. Considering the price of coffee, I don’t blame you. Or are you going to tell me you’re a… a… tea drinker?

              • Nope. Not a tea drinker. I’m a tea inhaler. A quart a day, minimum. Don’t worry, it’s iced tea, with lemon and sugar, none of that prissy hot tea with milk.
                I’m waiting for a full-season marathon rerun of the Matt Smith episodes, I’ll give him a shot then. And I fully encourage and endorse watching Top Gear. It is nonsense personified, with a coating of car show for propriety’s sake.

                • Tea! Ewww! How do you stay awake?

                  I’ll give TG a shot, but if it’s less than good stuff, I’ll ask Melissa to chastise you.

                • You can check them out on repeats at 7pm Eastern most weekdays. Their new episodes are on Monday – when we’re lucky enough to GET new episodes. I would recommend starting with one of their road trip episodes – like when they get chased out of Alabama by Melissa’s relatives – I mean, by a bunch of rednecks. 😉 Or when they cross the center of Africa with rear-wheel drive road cars. Good stuff!
                  Oh, and by the by, caffeine does nothing, for or against me. But I do like my tea opaque – if you can’t see through it, THEN it’s strong enough. 😀

        • Agreed. 1) A Kennedy married a Republican. ’nuff said there. 2) Dittoes on the Kennedy men not setting any sparkly examples either.

          Except maybe Bobby? I don’t know anything about Bobby’s rep…

  2. At least the Schwarz gave a real apology, not one of those ‘sorry if I offended anyone’ sociopathic apologies these guys usually give.

    • Yeah…and he’s asked everyone leave his wife alone. But still, the lying, lying to keep the brand shiny. And he’s had her publicly address accusations before.

  3. Forgive me for being unfaithful, Melissa, but I’ve been on a few other blogs talking about this doof and DSK, the moron from the IMF. As I’ve said, it’s a combo of “if enough people tell you you’re God, you start to believe it” combined with circles of “yes men”. We need the Roman concept of the guy riding behind Caesar on the chariot, whispering into his ear “You’re only a man.”
    Or bring back the concept of stocks in the public square. Charge people to chuck rotten fruit at these idiots, give the people some cheap entertainment, and raise money to boot! 😀

  4. I was digging Sullivan’s series of compare’n’contrasts between the media not believing the Palin Trig-spearacy, and Gov. Austria here hiding a child for 14 years.

    But then, I have a problem, as you know.

    • Oh, poor Blackjack would probably be bypassed – he’s done some nasty things in his life (other than talking to me). And if he DOES go, there’s another goat hanging around, a young blonde one. And I do NOT know if it’s male or female – as I said elsewhere, I’m not THAT bored! 😀

  5. The CDC posted on their website, plans for preparedness “for example, in the case of a zombie apocalypse”. While they never mentioned the alleged end of the world Saturday, they did so much traffic, they crashed their servers. Gotta love it! 😀

  6. And in other non-topic news, a Bolivian pastor hijacked a plane so he could warn the President of Mexico about an impending earthquake. He said, and this is a direct quote from the BBC, that he was on a mission from God.
    As my wife said, did he have a half pack of cigarettes and sunglasses? 😀

  7. (Peers up over his foxhole lip.) Hello? Am I still alive? (Starts searching himself for bullet holes.) 😀
    By the by – “Freelz”? A contraction of “For Real”? Forgive me, for I am an old fart and cut off from reality. 😉

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