Tyranny of the Kochs
Lovin’ Some Free Speech

A U.S District Court (in Utah of all places) delivered a swift kick in the nuts to the Koch Brothers.

Anonymous free speech: 1

Koch Suckers: 0

Some environmental activist funny folks made a fake Koch website and apologized in the name of Koch Industries for being a pack of polluting, sleazy thugs and promised the company would change its grimy ways and no longer fund the undermining of climate science.

The Kochs sued for infringement of trademark, unfair competition, and cybersquatting and other stupid stuff.

Cybersquatting?  WTF?

😆 😆 Well, Kochs, you LOSE!!!! 😆 😆

Money can’t buy everything, you wrinkly, ugly sacks of gross!



24 thoughts on “Koch-Blocked: Geriatric Dildos of Fascism Fail

  1. What was the parody website name? Unless it was something VERY specific like “kochbros.org” or something like that, you can forget cyber-squatting charges having even a ghost of a chance. And critique is hardly “unfair competition” – unless you’re BOTH competing to be the biggest dicks. In that case, the Koch brothers may just be on to something….. 😉

    • I don’t know what the name was, John, and I’m too lazy to look. 😀

      I hope I get to use this Blingee again though. Naked Kochs lets you see what you’re getting. It’s so much more refreshingly honest.

      • I don’t know if the comedy level of the picture is enough to overcome the gag-inducing subject matter.
        Then again, maybe I need to up MY dosage! 😉

  2. Finally a judge that has balls to hell with you Koch Brothers. It looks like it is slowly catching up to them, thinking they can get away with stupid horse shit claims.

  3. this might be your finest blingee evah, m’liss! i won’t ask where you got those pix of the brothers grime.

    p.s. those kittens are really good dancers! 🙂

  4. Love those kittens! These two superdicks must lay awake at night trying to figure out how to rub out the other one and get all that cash which, in their world, would be fiscal nirvana.

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  6. “cybersquatting”? is that like poised to enact operation seagull or something?and the kittens rock!
    Cats rule!Dogs drool!

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