Trump the Birther Nut
Trump Still an Ugly Ass, Buffoonish Moron


President Obama’s long form birth certificate is obviously a fake.  It says his mom is caucasian, and everyone knows she was from Kansas and not the Caucasus Mountains.

Confer Orly Taitz hopping on “negro.”

My son’s original birth certificate has the wrong birth date AND his middle name is Javier (after this slacker).  Plus, we used to have lunch in Mexico a lot when we lived in Arizona.  His dad speaks Spanish; thus, my son is obviously a Mexican terrorist.

So, now…to chip away at Obama’s credibility as a real American, the nuts are asserting he is Columbia’s and Harvard’s affirmative action charity case–building on Tronald Dump’s suggestion.  Dump also says the President wasn’t smart enough to write his first book (Bill Ayers did.)

The Nation is calling it “coded racism.”

I’m not seeing the code.  It looks pretty blatant.

When Obama defeats the Republican who finds the balls to run against him, he’ll still be black.  And he’ll still believe in science and still be a bazillion times more articulate than the knuckle-draggers trying to tear him down.


56 thoughts on “President Obama is still Black. Birthers Foam at Mouth.

  1. Okay. Here’s what you got wrong.
    1) You child is NOT a terrorist, he’s an anchor baby allowing you and your husband to live off the fat of the land. (I’ve never seen fat land, but I hear it’s out there.)
    2) The racism is coded, like in computers. It’s unfathomable to outsiders, full of errors, and most likely to fail in time of crisis. Like making an intelligent statement!
    Now, I hope you actually GET this post. Our power has been blinking on and off all afternoon. Our power company is AEP. They claim it means American Electric Power. I say it’s Always Erratic Power. Most residents take my side! 😀

  2. From the VERY right-wing source Newsmax.com:
    “Trump described Obama as a “very strange president””.
    As I said on another site, “And Trump would be very normal exactly HOW?” 😉

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    • If that’s going to be the GOP’s ticket, can we get the folks from Omicron Persei 8 to wipe them out? In between episodes of “Single Female Lawyer”, of course. Or we could hire Kang and Kodos, if Lrrlll is busy. (Whoops, crossed universes. Sorry!) 😀

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      • Melissa, I am so very sorry for your loss. You take care, and don’t worry about us. If you need anything I can do from here in the middle of nowhere, just give me a yell. Be safe!

      • oh thank g-d you’re okay! i was so worried about you. i remembered i had your phone number, so i looked through my old email and left you a message. i’m so relieved that you’re okay.

        i’m so sorry about your friend, and i’m so sorry about the devastation in alabama. i don’t know what to say, so i’ll just send you a hug.

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