ht Wonkette

Wow.  Mr. Afterbirth-of-a-Nation dunt noes his speechifying t’aint fit for man nor beast nor plant life.

But since the train wreck that is his brain saw fit to unload the hate caboose on the youtubes, you blacks, nigras (really????), liberals, Messicants, gays, and Muslims oughta know you are pissing off this poster dick of hypertension.

He wouldn’t NEED his Medicare funded blood pressure medicine if it twarn’t fer all you blacks, browns, and Allah-loving sissypants…oh, and NIGRAS darkening and rainbowfying and crescent mooning the landscape of America.

Now.  Please go and worship blond hair, blue-eyed Jesus.  And get off welfare and let this poor white man have his dirty, sexy jello fantasies about Sarah Palin.


25 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Afterbirth-of-a-Nation

  1. When you run the video that guy looks kind of dark skinned. Ya think maybe he’s got some of that there nigra blood in him? Most Americans do. Well, okay, everybody does since the human race came out of Africa. But maybe Warren doesn’t read much, or well, and wouldn’t know he’s kind of black and inferior – he’s one of those Florida community college types, and y’all know they’re on the inferior side. Ya wouldn’t want your daughter screwing one, ya know. And he doesn’t talk like a real American. Sounds a little foreign. I heard a rumor that he burns a Koran every week – maybe that’s just to cover up who he really is. Bet he’s one of those al-Qaeda in Florida guys. Gonna crash a Piper Cub into a Burger King.

    [If he’s for real he’s a sick motherfucker. If he’s a troll he’s a sick, dumb motherfucker. Either way his mother fucked up.]

  2. “Nigras”? Is that a new drug that not only gives you a hard-on (sorry, Nonnie, a “woodie” 😉 ), but also gives you a Boehner-like tan?
    “Messicants” – those little bags of powder you find in salt shakers to keep the stuff dry?
    Ain’t it kinda hard to hate on somebody, when you have no idea what to call them? (Then again, when you have all that free space between your ears, I guess ANYTHING is easy!)

    • My retired neighbor told me that “nigra” is a synthesis of the N word and negro circa 1950s in the Southern states. It was for the person trending toward negro, but was too much of an asshole to completely abandon the N-word.

      And that’s all for “This Week in Bigots.” 😉

  3. I wonder what makes Palin this guy’s fantasy wife, the fact that she’s cute or the fact that she allowed her daugfhter to get knocked up out of wedlock? I really hope Sarah runs on a family-values platform; that would mesh nicely with Donald “Casino Bankrupter” running on a platform of fiscal responsibility. I think having your own reality show should automatically disqualify you from running for president…


    • Hey, TW. He got all pitiful and needy looking when he said that “fantasy wife” line. He’s probably hoping she’ll see it. 😆

      I can’t believe NBC is letting Trump use the network for campaigning. I think it’s a gimmick for his lame show, but he’s still doing the dirty for tea party/birther types.

      I bet he found out that ‘s his demographic, and that’s why he’s sunk so low.

  4. i couldn’t listen for more than a minute to this imbecile. did he say anything nasty about jews? actually, he doesn’t have to say anything nasty. it’s implied.

    • Can you believe he left Jews alone? But you can bet he’s of the “Christian” mindset that the Jews need to gather to Israel so that you’re all in one place when Jesus breaks out his can of whup-ass. (I need a nut emoticon :nut: )

  5. Haven’t heard anybody use the word “nigra” since about 1965 when all the peckerwoods used it in TV interviews so they would not be crude using the favored word. Too bad he’s all caught up in the naughty librarian fantasy about the Bearwoman, he probably won’t notice that the missus has one about Cleotis down at the filling station. And to answer his question: Yes.

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