Maine: Switchblades for one armed folks
Online Photo Editor

Oh sure. The liberals will produce all of these “scientificky” studies saying one-armed people are more likely to cut off their good arm with a switchblade than assault a criminal. But whatever. Until then…

The good one-armed people of Maine finally have won the hard-fought battle to carry switchblades.

The bill focuses on the inconvenience of one-armed people having to open a blade with their teeth whenever they have to stab someone.

Well, no more!  Switchblades are legal for them now.

Lawmakers, however, limit the length of switchblades to three inches.

Which does no good if your attacker is 4 inches away.  Fucking liberals.


21 thoughts on “Watch Out Attackers of One-Armed People, Amputees Got Your Number in Maine

    • 3 inches? I think I have a TOOTHPICK longer than that! And trust me, I can whip out things that would absolutely SHAME Mick Dundee.
      (Blades, you perverts! Swords, cutlery, bayonets! Yeesh – buncha filthy minded buggers!) 😉

    • I LOVE this commercial. The only better one they’ve done lately is the dog chasing the car, a la Bullitt. Best one since R. Lee Ermey as the therapist..That was their best one! I love R. Lee, and miss his “Mail Call” on History.
      And now that I’ve revealed my man-crush, I’ll go slink back to my Email. 😀

  1. Back in the old retail days I could unsnap and flick the blade on my full size Buck quite easily with one hand. For more serious things like open/close or carring out the bank bag, a 45 auto tucked into the belt in back worked for me.

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