Free Iman
Free Iman al-Obeidi

To Gaddhafi and loyalists: الذهاب يمارس الجنس مع نفسك

The woman imprisoned after accusing 15 soldiers of gang rape is being sued by the suspects:

Oh, yeah, they have filed a case,” the spokesman, Musa Ibrahim said. “The boys who she accused of rape are bringing a case because it is a very grave offense to accuse someone of a sexual crime.” (NYT)

How much do I wanna gut Ibrahim with my bare hands for calling them “boys.”

Also, Gaddhafi and the boys, واسمحوا لهيب فتحة الشرج كريه الرائحة من 10000 حرق الجن القضيب الخاص بك.

Iman al-Obeidi’s courage has inspired Libyan women to march in her defense.  Her mother showed Al-Jazeera al-Obeidi’s law degree.

You may have heard Musa Ibraham saying she was a prostitute and mental patient and a thief.

Furthermore Gaddhafi, أكل القرف ويموت


20 thoughts on “Furthermore Gaddhafi, (Eat Shit and Die) أكل القرف ويموت

  1. Hey, where’d ya get the Arabic translation? A buddy of mine has a picture from Iraq with some writing several of us have been trying to figure out! Where can I get that? 🙂
    Oh, and by the way, Ibrahim corrected earlier reports that she was a drunk, a liar, and a prostitute. He stated simply that she was deeply disturbed and would get a full medical checkup. I understand that, in Libya, those currently include a little wood box, about 6’x4′, and a small chunk of desert to plant it in.

    • I just used Google translate. You have to go back and forth to get it right. “Fuck you” gave me the Arabic expression for “Darn.” But I was delighted to find “go fuck yourself,” “you fuck dogs,” and “eat shit and die” translated perfectly. 😀

      I should try, “May the putrid ass flames of 10,000 djinns incinerate your penis, Mr. Gaddhafi.”

      This is close:

      واسمحوا لهيب فتحة الشرج كريه الرائحة من 10000 حرق الجن القضيب الخاص بك

      • All right, ya little wise-acre, how do you do it the OTHER way round? Last time I checked, my keyboard didn’t have all them cute little squiggles. Well, except for the numbers – what a coincidence! The fact that Western countries created the same symbols for numbers as did the ARABIC ones. Who would’ve guessed we would create the same NUMERALS? 😉

        • I’d advise making friends with a Muslim. I used English and google gave me the Arabic…then I cut and pasted the Arabic and translated to English to make sure the ideas weren’t lost.

        • Always have to give me the difficult way out, don’t ya? RATS! Maybe there’s some kind of alternate keyboard select or something. Gotta go dig for awhile. 🙂
          And you need to be a little more creative with your curses! Didn’t you ever watch MASH? Try to take one of Klinger’s soft-core insults and ramp it up a bit. You know, something like “May all your camels develop gonorrhea the night before Orgy day.” Or something. (Give me a break, I’m so stuffed up, I stopped breathing an hour ago!) 😉

          • Naw, it’s too direct. You need to work a double entendre or two in there. Then again, how should I know? I just sneezed and saw double for 10 seconds! (Beats the hell outta trying to pass out when I stand up – that was this morning’s fun!)

          • Sorry, I tried. I used one of my translators that popped a keyboard with it. The problem is, the writing is graffiti on a wall, and trying to figure out what all the little squiggles are is TOTALLY beyond me right now. Maybe I’ll be sharper, once I get the sinuses drained. 🙂

    • Not to sound sexist, and I hate to say it, but I think the mass burials being passed off as “civilian casualties of the crusader air campaign” (like the house shown to western journalist with “shrapnel” holes in the walls clearly made by AK-47 rounds) are the next floor down. Let’s hope the elevator doesn’t go any lower.

    • I’m glad she had the guts to confront all of those journalists and get her story out there. That super conservative assbackward idea that it’s the victim’s dignity in want needs to end…last century.

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