Mexico is lying.

Oh, it’s much worse for America.  If it weren’t for Ireland and Romania, we’d have the tiniest penises in the Western world.  But we can always point to the Alabama and Mississippi of penises…India and South Korea.  And China, who’s big now, bitches?

Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia apparently have no penises.

I want to know which nation is obviously lying. Mexico????  France??  Really?



26 thoughts on “Breaking News: U.S. Sports Tiniest Penises in North America

  1. I thought we had some of the biggest dicks in the world. I mean, what with the governors of Ohio and Wisconsin, the tea-party Republicans, etc…. 😉

    • J.-P., you have NO idea how much I would like to feel a Canadian. Oops… er… um… I meant, feel LIKE a Canadian. 😀

      • Well, this area must be helping the average, ’cause I ain’t ever seen so many big PRICKS in one concentrated area! Well, not outside a GOP convention, anyway…..

        • Would that be to help MAKE me feel like a Canadian, or to help me FEEL a Canadian? 😀
          I’m not sure Quebec is the difference. It’s more the fact that we have some very intelligent people, and a WHOLE lotta … scum – Canada seems to be FAR more balanced, with lotsa nice people. 🙂
          Seriously, there are parts of the US I wouldn’t go if you PAID me – including in my hometown of Chicago. I’ve wandered all over Toronto and Hamilton, and never felt the least bit threatened. Maybe it’s that Canadian hospitality, eh? 😉

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  3. so that’s why john bronzo the clown boehner needs such a big gavel! i suspected as much.

    p.s. pretty ironic, since the u.s. has a giant penis called floriduhhh.

  4. Still classic!!I really wish I had the not-clean version of that in an mp3(hint hint!!).
    Speaking of big pricks my name in chinese is:
    Houng Tu Ni.
    kidding.only about 2 inches…big around as a tuna can though.might not be able to knock the bottom out of anything but I’ll tear the f@$king sides off it!!haha!

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