I know.  Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has the intellectual heft of a pebble, but I still enjoyed Jesse Jackson’s responses to her.

I have to paraphrase the interview, because transcribing Kelly might give me thoughts of suicide:

Jackson: The people will escalate the protests.

Kelly: What do you mean “escalate?”  Can we expect more child-killing mayhem from the violent, foaming-at-the-mouth, serial killer teachers?

Jackson: Escalate means more protests, dear.

Kelly: Why can’t these criminal, beggar, pig teachers stop slobbing up the capitol and just vote like normal people.  Why can’t they just forget they have First Amendment rights and take their fucking lumps until election time as opposed to what they are doing as a bunch of cheesy, violent thugs making murderous threats on poor helpless and innocent Republican representatives.

Jackson: The demonstrators are peaceful. They’re fighting for their livelihoods like the rest of the middle class.

Then Kelly moves on to a false equivalency about the Health Care Reform law, and Jackson graciously shames her by pointing out that people in America were dying because of the previous system.

This post brought to you by me annoying the fuck out of Reverend Jesse Jackson:

Jackson hurts WriteChic's feelings by ignoring her question about the unjust treatment of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.


29 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Attempts Sophistic Death Moves on Jesse Jackson

  1. I had it with Fox when, one morning, they were talking about the TSA doing DNA checks (cheek swabs).They come back from the story, and Doucy (I think it was) says “That won’t work. All you have to do is put somebody else’s DNA in your mouth!”
    (Pause for dirty jokes. 😀 )
    C’mon! Coat the inside of your mouth with somebody else’s DNA? (No more dirty jokes, time’s up!) There was SO much wrong with that, I sat just aimlessly spluttering at the TV, until I could find the remote and switch over to something EMINENTLY more intellectual (I think Blue’s Clues was on). 😉
    And frankly put, we don’t need the International Space Station. We already have a zero-G vacuum chamber here on Earth. Just pop open Megyn’s VERY hollow melon! 😀

    • Remember, there are two things found throughout the universe: hydrogen, and stupidity. I often wonder, if somebody threw a lit match into a Faux News dressing room, if it would look like the Hindenburg going down.
      “Oh, The (Lack Of) Humanity!”
      Have a good weekend, all! 😀

    • Journalism’s dead, my friend. At least here in the States. It’s “infotainment” these days.
      Why else do we get a half-hour of world news each weeknight, but an hour of “entertainment news”?
      “Entertainment news” = “Military intelligence” or “jumbo shrimp”.
      Or “Intelligent Fox Reporter”. 😉

  2. A wise-ass once said:

    Can’t argue with logic like that.

    You called it right,though*scribbles in tattered notebook*.
    infotainment.the more I say it the more it makes sense-keeping the sheep focused for ratings’ sake.
    truly pathetic.

  3. Did you get the feeling that Jesse was packing his bags when the news reported the F15 had augered in? (took a while to find WCP on this new puter, keep getting sent to Palo Alto)

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