Trading the Tanning Bed for Chemical Peels now.

Ok.  I’ve seen this ad enough.  Time to applaud Speaker John Boehner for taking a break from the tanning beds for his swanky new chemical peel.

He will dodge the fake-and-bake tax!  Go John!

He has a little Priebus envy that he didn’t think of stomping the middle class even more by attacking unions, but he’s sublimating his failure by Obamafying his style on the youtubes.

It’s not enough for two parents to work two jobs.  Parents should have at least 4 jobs between them to support a household and lower the age for children to work!

Yay, GOP!!!!!

Or maybe an offer of organs on Craigslist?

Yay Capitalism!

It really is time to crackdown on these uppety teachers, police officers, nurses, firefighters, athletes, artists, miners, aerospace workers, longshoremen, postal workers, Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial & Service Workers, roofers and the rest of ’em.

These slobs deserve to work for 30% less money and risky retirements like the rest of us.

You can see some of these lazy hobos vacationing live at an elitist resort in Wisconsin.


23 thoughts on “Look for the Union Fable

  1. Another right-wing clown who hasn’t a clue as to what the hell the people in this country are going through. Time to turn over in his tanning bed, so he doesn’t fry up what brains he has left.

  2. Kids needs a chance to get the American dream to join the working poor class.

    We need a new word to describe John Boehner. All the ones I know are not strong enough.

  3. don’t pay public employees a decent wage, and when they have to get a second or third job just to get by, then bitch about how they aren’t home taking care of their kids. of course, you’ll have to go to the golf course to hear the bitching from bronzo the clown. that’s where he collects all his money from his second job.

      • There was that one time when she forgot that the other account was fake and got into an argument with herself that lasted for, like, a week, until Piper pointed it out to her, and then got fired for mouthing off, but then Todd said you can’t fire her, she’s your daughter, and then she yelled, “Screw you! If family mattered that much to you you wouldn’t be shtupping the message lady who by the way really screwed up my back and COMPLETELY failed to start that miscariage I wanted!” but then she couldn’t find anybody else that made White Russians the way she liked, (with valium) so she rehired her in a couple of days so that’s okay.

  4. Hi Melissa!

    Couldn’t agree with Don in Mass’ sentiments any more…and, until the Olympia Snowes, etc. within our Republican ranks begin to eclipse the likes of Boehner, Cantor, etc…I’ll just keep my paper bag handy. Good grief, Charlie Brown

    Have a great week ahead. Carpe Diem!

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