Feel my shiny elitism, you fucking peasants! --Henry Payne

I like cartoons a lot, but my God, Henry Payne blows (in more ways than one).   Here’s my spiffy analysis of Payne’s work this week:

Mmmmm, tasty corporate bj's make cartoonist feel full.

Sad to note that my mad cartooning skillz using Paint are a thousand times more clever than Payne’s.  His are all white old white bread, milquetoast indicative of his bazillion dollar Ivy League education.  Whereas mine are all:

“Woo, woo, woo!!!!  Bama is in the house!!!  Roll motherfucking Tide! War Eagle!  Go Blazers!!!”

Let’s pretend that Henry Payne does not give corporate head for a living:

The End.

This post brought to you by The GOP who REALLY want to crush the Democrats’ one big donor….crushing teachers and the rest of the middle class is just a bonus.  And Republicans cleverly rerouted GOP (dot) com to Obama’s Union Bosses (dot) com…like it’s just another day of thugging for Obama.  Nice.

Way to fall in line, Payne.


16 thoughts on “Yaayyy, Cartoonist Helping to Destroy the Middle Class

  1. Wait. I say “Roll Tide”, and you disembowel me (on another site, granted), but YOU say “Roll Tide”, and YOU get away with it? DOUBLE STANDARD!!! 😉
    Did you hear about the daughter of the leader of Westboro Baptist, on a radio interview, challenging Anonymous (the Wikileaks protectors)? She went on a rant saying ANON was assaulting their website, and though a spokesperson from ANON kept saying they weren’t, she ended her rant with the claim that they “will never bring our site down”. So the ANON spox tells her to wait a couple seconds, then asks her to go to the Westboro site, which she did – live – ON THE AIR. Guess what? Yep – ANON knocked the site down, then (unfortunately) put it back up again. Moral – don’t screw with somebody who can sabotage you FOR FUN!!

      • Did I do that? Well, shame on ME! Gee, ya think a guy who’s spent his entire life NORTH of the Mason-Dixon line ignoring college sports would know better. Tsk, tsk.
        Say Hello to Fang, everybody! That’s what a new Email ID gets ya. I’ll miss Ol’ Blue, but I’m starting to like Fang. Reminds me of me, for the first couple hours after getting up. And no, coffee doesn’t help, it makes it worse……

  2. Conservatism and comix=bad mojo! Cartooning does not hold to the two basic priciple-how much money will this get ME and people who need killing. Oh yea, and somebody please tell those IJA soldiers that the war has been over for some time.

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