The Great Firewall of China has leaks.

Websites run by Chinese people abroad began calls for a Jasmine Revolution in Beijing and Shanghai.

Big Daddy China was watching.  The gatherings finished almost as soon as they started as media and police officers outnumbered those who had gathered.

Censors cannot completely block “Jasmine” since the word occurs in a popular folk song.  And restless citizens are finding ways to circumvent the Great Firewall of China by coding commonly used phrases.

“Two Sessions” recently served as the covert way to hold cyber discussions about a Jasmine Revolution in the communist country.  The phrase refers to China’s National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

I vote for 胡錦濤的陰莖 as the next secret code talk. 😀

Brought to you by Chinese people mocking U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman:



12 thoughts on “Nobody Expects a Jasmine Revolution…except China.

  1. Was that Chinese characters in your new secret code phrase, or did my PC just have a stroke? 😀
    I don’t see the Chinese Communist leadership letting all out revolution begin. If we could convince the world (including the US) to tie trade to freedom, I bet a LOT of the restrictions would drop REAL fast. Heck, those stuffy Saudis all but fell over themselves tossing out placations when Bahrain freaked out. I think the Communist leadership would denounce Marx and Lenin if Washington eased a few trade barriers. No, it’s not good to reward “less evil” behaviour (as opposed to good behaviour) but if it saves a few thousand lives, it’s worth a shot!

      • No kidding! Tell those chicom mandarins that you are a delicate southern bell and such intrusion will upset the menfolk. Last time they did major killing they brought in Mongolian units that had no qualms about killing Han Chinese.

  2. Hi Melissa!

    I goofed I had accidentally signed in to 2012’s WordPress Account when uploading music for our vodpod music account, I didn’t realize all of the music was being created as posts… Grrrrrr

    Yes, I love all of that music too, hopefully it’s all saved in the vodpod account where it should have gone.

    OOPSIE! Thanks, for commenting on that one video otherwise I would still posting away music. 🙄

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