Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) feels your blackness.

h/t Think Progress

See what happens, Florida, when you elect a crooked mind?

I grew up probably in the same situation as you guys [audience of black lawmakers]. I started school in public housing. My dad had a sixth-grade education.”

Now don’t think Governor Scott is bigot just because he sounds like your racist great uncle.  He just REALLY, REALLY likes white people…which I extrapolate from the fact that he was hell bent on protecting Canadians and WESTERN Europeans from Florida’s Immigration bill.

This post brought to you by Floridians crying for the 23,000 jobs that won’t happen because Governor Scott rejected the light speed rail project:


50 thoughts on “Black Lawmakers Teabagged by Florida Governor

  1. So…. if you AREN’T white, but HAVE been in the country for, say, 5 generations or more (I’m thinking darker-skinned Europeans like Greeks, Sicilians, even Turks), you STILL have to carry proof of your residency? Or is this pinhead limiting his galactic stupidity JUST to people on visas? Or am I just terminally confused (always a possibility)?

    • For Governor Scott, I would set your default assumption to douchiest, then you’re probably safe. I mean if he makes a distinction for the color of Europeans. And note he didn’t protect black people who might be confused with Dominicans or Haitians.

    • And is there REALLY that much illegal immigration into Florida? I mean, to get into TX, CA, NM, or AZ, you just walk (or swim the Rio Grande, which depending on time of year, you COULD probably walk through) and climb a hit-and-miss fence to get in. For Florida, you really DO have to be a wetback, since you’re most likely to enter in a little rickety boat. Or is this yahoo choosing to interdict illegal immigrants at the WORST point – once they’ve already found somewhere to settle? Or maybe I should just quit trying to wrap my brain around an inherently demented concept? 😀

      • Florida has a lot of crops, and Americans are too good for this kind of work in case you haven’t heard. 😉

        There is a part of my town called “Guadela-Hoover” by news people. A lot of Mexican day laborers. It’s a conflict between business and old school bigots. The governing bigots want the crackdown on non-English speaking brown people because they have to hate somebody, but the businesses want the “contract” labor, free of much paperwork. Catholic services seems to be keeping the bigots in check.

      • Sorry, I guess my own experiences have blinded me to the possibilities of stupidity. One half mile from my house back in the Chicago suburbs was a “Carnaciera” (I think that’s how you spell it). All Spanish-language grocery store – NOBODY spoke English. I did a short stint between computer jobs working the overnight shift in a gas station/ convenience store. Down the road was an aircraft parts manufacturing plant. Every morning at 2:10 am, a HUGE conversion van would pull in with the night shift – a dozen women, all “Latino”, and only one who spoke VERY broken Pidgin English. Thank God for my high school Spanish – I wasn’t great, but they LOVED me ’cause I was the only one who would communicate TO them, not through the one who (BARELY) spoke English. God, that job was a HOOT – the idiot we laughed at who locked his keys in his car, couldn’t raise anybody, AND ended up running the tank dry and needing his fuel system re-primed, the moron who always came in bitching about our lack of decaf coffee, whose cup I filled with the collected dregs of 5 (regular) pots that had boiled off most of their water…. a rotten, poorly-paying, physically taxing job that I wouldn’t do again for all the money in the world, and a set of memories I wouldn’t sell for all the money in the world! 🙂
        Sorry, I mentally wandered off there for a bit. Guess I forgot about the in-country transient farm workers. Suffice to say I think we have a finalist in Pinhead of the Year – unless you just want to go ahead and award it to him right now! 😀

  2. which I extrapolate from the fact that he was hell bent on protecting Canadians and WESTERN Europeans from Florida’s Immigration bill.

    That is strange wording:

    Even if an officer has “reasonable suspicions” over a person’s immigration status, the bill says, a person will be “presumed to be legally in the United States” if he or she provides “a Canadian passport” or a passport from any “visa waiver country.”

    I wonder what status a person would have if she was from Brazil, with a valid stamped passport?

    Brazil is not a Visa waiver nation.

    And yes, the comment regarding “I grew up just like you guys….” is gross.

    • He’s not subtle, is he. Brazil would not be “presumed to be legally” in the U.S. He can say…oh, the visa waiver treaties. But incidentally this sucks if you’re black. (Brazil is trying to negotiate this status…but it’s irrelevant.)

      And this was a man trying to “relate.” Did I say man? I meant cretin.

    • Don, 🙂

      I’m thinking this current incarnation of Republican needs to file for chapter “i’ve lost my mind and heart” bankruptcy and reorganize.

      I mean, hell!!!!, Haley Barbour! Where’s his brain? He doesn’t have the courage to say something is wrong with the KKK founder???? He doesn’t go around denouncing people? WTF ever. If a Dem pissed him off, he’d be denouncing his portly ass off. But somehow Nathan Bedford Forrest is a sacred cow for him? 😯

      • Problem is, there’s a lot of your fellow Southerners who don’t see a problem with honouring the political AND military leaders of the Confederacy. Personally, I respect the military men for their military work, just as I respect the WW2 German soldiers for their fighting skill. But trust me, I get why you don’t fly a Nazi flag on your car, or put a Confederate officer on your plate. I can recognise the difference between fighting a battle and beating slaves. It’s a pity there’s so many in the South who can’t seem to make that distinction.

      • Don, re. your remarks about MS and Barbour…it’s a Southern thing…

        I’m Southern-born and lived here all my life, and I’m still waiting for most of the South to wake up and join the 21st century. I probably won’t live long enough…

        If you drive south on I-65, just north of Montgomery, AL is a Confederate flag of huge proportions waving proudly from a hilltop…just in case any of those Damn Yankees driving through the state should have any illusions about being in the progressive New South.

  3. Here’s a tip for the governor:

    Your State makes around 60 billion yearly from tourism. DON’T. OFFEND. PEOPLE.

    If you were governor of Kansas, you could burn children, nobody wants to travel to Kansas.

  4. Black Lawmakers Teabagged by Florida Governor

    I’ve always wondered.

    When Liberals refer to Tea Party folk as Tea Baggers, are the Liberals really trying to disparage gay sex?

    • Why would you think the particular sex joke act refers to gay people only?

      But (also not a gay joke) I’m referring to the Tea Party guy on the news who said, “Tea bag the White House.”

      • Why would you think the particular sex joke act refers to gay people only?

        I’ve asked. I honestly asked. ‘Cause yeah, being accused of receiving oral sex from my wife isn’t so insulting.

        But (also not a gay joke) I’m referring to the Tea Party guy on the news who said, “Tea bag the White House.”

        Yes. It is good humor listening to Tea Party folks use the term completely oblivious to the urbandictionary definition.

  5. As a liberal, I use the term “tea bag”, but not to disparage gay sex. I use it because the Tea Party is the party of homophobes who would be highly offended to be linked to anything even slightly related to gays…and I’m all about offending the Tea Party because they’re so offensive to me in so many ways. But that’s just me…

    • Aren’t we ALL purer than Madonna the singer? Define “Chutzpah” – Madonna singing “Like A Virgin”. See also, oxymoron. 🙂

      • Depends if you’re talking on a yearly average or lifetime total. Paris and Lindsay are bigger sluts per year, but Madonna’s got more years on them both.
        Boy, I wonder what the extended warranties would cost on those chassis? (Hey, I’m a car guy, I amortize everything on a per-mile basis. And yes, vertical miles count as well!)

  6. i can’t tell you how embarrassed 😳 i am that this piece of shit is my governor. while every floridiot who voted for him deserves what they get, it’s unfortunate that the rest of us will have to suffer, too. he should be in jail, not the governor’s mansion.

  7. I want to personally thank the gov for making all that fed money available for the CalTrans trains that will soon zipping around in the 200 to 300 mph routes tp safely transport our residents, reduce highway conjestion, and ease air pollution. And thank the gov of Cakestan-Christie-who turned down that new NYC tunnel link. The hundred year old one is just fine. And lets not forget the new Wisconsin gov who “doesn’t want those kind of jobs” in his state. I just don’t have enough thanks to go around but I did save one for M’lissa; Thanx for the mountain complement. Drive US 395 in the afternoon sometime and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the majesty of those peaks!

    • You know, props to the Midwest for growing the food. 😉

      But the beauty of the Sierras. And have you ever seen the Uintas in Utah? The mountain chain runs east/west. They’re gorgeous. That’s where I saw my first moose. 🙂

    • If it makes you feel better, here in Florida our Medicare-defrauder-turned-governor just turned down $2.4 billion from the Feds from a high-speed train link between Orlando and Tampa. After all, it’s not like we need the jobs or the money or anything. But in our case the revolution may come from the Repub-controlled legislature, who actually voted in favour of this project. (While the Gov. is R too, he basically paid for his own campaign, and has never held political office before, so he has no allies to speak of in Tallahassee.)


      • Oops, I should have read Writechic’s post before diving into the comment thread… I’ll save face by mentioning that Gov. Scott’s Columbia/HCA didn’t defraud Medicare, it was the largest Medicare fraud in history, and resulted in a billion-dollar fine. But the best part is that Gov. Scott plead the Fifth hundreds of times during his testimony, so we’ll never know what the CEO knew and when he knew it. But I’m guessing that if you’re pulling off that level of fraud, the CEO is either involved or should be fired for incompetence for not knowing about it. Only in the Sunshine State would we reward such shadiness with the highest office in the land…


      • i was wondering if you were gonna mention this on your blog! you know it’s a slow news day when the paper uses more than half the front pg. for this crap. it’s a bad thing, sure, but does it really deserve all the press it’s getting? the guy’s a douchebag, he’s prob loving all the free print.
        myself, i think it’s a shameful reflection of the priorities of the people in this state, when there’s a war going on, etc. etc. etc. THIS is the most important thing they have to get exercised about???
        guess that’s to be expected in a state where the biggest religion is al/aub football…jesus…

        • Hey, Vicki. The tree killer is obviously a sick, low-life. Our state self-esteem is low enough without highlighting this knuckle dragger.

          My big concern for Alabama right now is if the Republican controlled legislature and Governor Nutjob aim to fuck up the middle class even more by attacking teachers collective bargaining power and further obliteration of the already crippled unions. Like in Wisconsin.

          • yeah, a union member friend of mine and i were discussing this sat. night…he’s highly pissed, says what AL is trying to do is worse and nobody cares enough to do anything about it, unlike in Wis. like i said, we sure have bigger issues to be concerned with than some redneck football fan…

            • Hard to believe the redneck treehater is STILL making news. Omg, I’ve people become an apologist for him…oh, he was a state trooper and got a brain injury, oh he lives in the woods now because of the death threats, oh he has a high-powered attorney. 🙄

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