Bryan Fischer is Mean
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The Great Spirit bitch-slapped mega Douchebag Bryan Fischer’s anti-Native American post into cyber nothingness.

You remember how Fischer detailed that Native Americans liked to fuck a lot and rejected Jesus and therefore deserved genocide and their land stolen.

Actually, Fischer removed his post because he says you little, unchristian, monkey American children aren’t mature enough to know that when Bryan Fischer is talking that it’s just like Jesus talking.

So this is a conversation that needs to take place. But based on the reaction to my column of Tuesday, America is not mature enough right now for that robust dialogue to occur.”  ht Wonkette

The Aryan Family Association The American Family Association who props Fischer up as a spokesracist remains under the vigilant eye of Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch.

This post brought to you by kids that piss off Bryan Fischer:


23 thoughts on “The Power of the Great Spirit Compels You

  1. Hi Melissa!

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

    Gee, Just when I thought yet another example of these “Holier than thou” types wouldn’t surprise me with their propensity to open mouth and insert foot, Mr. Fischer comes along. Talk about the Twilight Zone…shaking my head in disgust…

    Nevertheless, won’t allow his antics to get me down, soooo have a great week ahead–Hat Tip in appreciation of your recent visit. Carpe Diem, my friend! Back soon to catch up on some more interesting reading.

    • I hope you get the chance to watch the video, Al. 🙂 My son and his friends earned 15 extra credit points in English for staging the scene. Their swords are fuseball sticks. And my boy is fierce in his Kool-Aid shirt. 😀

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. You get a month of Valentine’s days for being in love. I say so. 😉

      • Hi Melissa!

        AHH, my favorite Shakespeare storyline…Thanks for sharing your awesome video…hope you’re a proud parent, ’cause you have every reason to be–Double thumbs up. ENCORE!!!

  2. Ya know, this is one case where I think we need fitting punishment. If great Fischer speak with fork-ed tongue, ain’t it the right of the Native Americans to make SURE his tongue is forked? I figure a nice, 6 pound axe-head, on a sturdy hickory handle, swung in a nice, over-the-head vertical roundhouse swing. And if they miss and hit him square in the forehead, well, I think they call it a “Mulligan” – let ’em try again until they get it right! 😀

    • Nah. Make him a Native American, give him a bow and ONE arrow, and time-warp him back to the 1880s directly in front of about 1500 US Cavalry. Alternately, make him a tent stake and give him to a REALLY nomadic tribe.

      • Hey, he insulted Native Americans. If he’d hated on, say, unwed teenage mothers, I’d offer to give hi eternal zits and morning sickness! If he’d hated on the British, I’d say make him eat British food ad infinitum. If he’d hated on the French, I’d give him a Nobel prize …. um … I mean, I’d make him a Saxon at Agincourt. And who’s to say that Westerns AREN’T classics? (Yeah, I know, YOU are! 😉 )
        You want classics? Make him Ahab and put him in a time loop! Classic enough? :p

        • I knew you couldn’t be serious. You claimed I was spreading testosterone around, and EVERYBODY knows when a guy gets married, he checks … um … “the boys” at the door! 😀
          But I’m getting a form of revenge. Our two “male” male cats go in for the big snip tomorrow. If I can’t have ’em, NOBODY in the HOUSE can have ’em! 😉

          • Aw, come on, don’t act so surprised. You know getting the dog or cat fixed makes your life easier – ditto with husbands! Either that, or you have to hide their car keys – which only works if your hubbie can’t hot-wire cars. If hubbie grew up with a car that HAD to be hot-wired because the ignition cylinder on the steering column tended to fall out, well, hiding the keys doesn’t work! (The 1973 Chevy Vega – it made mechanics out of millions of people, just so they could get OUTTA THE FRIGGIN’ GARAGE! :D) Naw, actually, that wasn’t my Vega, that was my idiot sister’s 77 Malibu. The one that rusted out at the base of the back window, after only 2 years! WTF?!?

  3. this is like when they say that they apologize to anyone who might have taken offense. it’s never their fault for saying stupid shit, it’s everyone else’s for daring to be offended. in this case, it’s not that he said something offensive and just plain stupid, it’s everyone else’s fault for being too stupid to understand his genius.

    • Naw, they’ll just dust off some of those old treaties, re-forge some signatures, take over the money-making casinos and stick the Native Americans with some area we don’t want. Like downtown Detroit, or parts of Cleveland.

  4. Well, Fischer is partly right. After smoking the peyote, we heathens of Native American descent pretty much like to get it on with the preacher’s daughters (and his nieces) so we can make lots of little half breed babies to help our Mexican brothers reconquer Occupied Aztlan (Southwestern US) especially Arizona with that racist Governor. Hahahaha!

    • Robby! It’s a shame he’s spoiling a good name. 😉

      You know it’s my hope that a man like this Anal Fischer is talking himself and his organization right out of relevance. For good, and for good.

  5. I never realized I could learn so much in one brief reading.(I loved the video,and hope the sordwounds are healing along nicely!)The mulligan thing too.”Flanking/flogging their mulligan”?got it.Boy was I surprised!It was even better than what I thought it meant!damn.I have said it before and am not afraid to repeat myel.America will always have Native Indian blood on its hands.

  6. Another lament for the savage that stayed under the dominion of tribe and chief? May they be baptised in Christs name and wear the clothes of civilization–realizing autonomy.

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