Headhunter's Dream

Yaaayyyyyyyy for Egypt!!!!

Changing the world in 18 days. 😀

This post is proudly sponsored by Dick Tarts.

Hmmm. How do I know about Dick Tarts? My daughter just scandalized me by showing me the shower present she got for a friend. 😯


17 thoughts on “Mubarak: Putting the “Dic” in Dictator

  1. You should be ashamed. Here I’ve been so nice, writing pleasant little messages to you and the crowd here, restraining my natural male tendency to be a sexist, chauvinistic pig, and you give me this horrific temptation? Be glad I’m distracted watching Top Gear on DVR. Otherwise, I would offend the HELL outta you, J.P., Nonnie, and the rest of your cast of thousands (or dozens, or whatever). You evil person, M! 😛

    • Behaving?!? Throwing dick tarts in my path? C’mon, you’re being evil to me. Admit it! 😉
      And be warned, Top Gear is over, so I can refocus my entire demented attention! 😀

    • Actually, I’m more offended at my laptop. It seems to have forgotten that I actually REMEMBERED to click on “notifies”. It CLAIMS I have “notifies” set, then calmly ignores the last 2 hours of messages! If everybody out there donates $20 each, I’ll get my butt over to Microsquish HQ and put a couple caps in Bill Gates! Any takers? 😀

  2. Another one bites the dust. Or should that be sand? Like the artwork. Now lets all sit down and make a list of the ‘taters that are going to get tossed. And remember kids, when the house of Saud rides off over the dunes, the price of gas will double! Triple!! Quadruple?!?

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