OMG, this still exists?????

ht Wonkette, Princess among Bitches

“And so God ordained “Fischer” to sound like “fissure” because what is this nutty bigot except a gross and bloody tear in the great cosmic asshole?”  –Judges-a-lot 54:11

Wonkette righteously gutted this idiot Bryan Fischer of AFA who was caught posing as a legitimate voice for human beings.

He deserves to be a voice among methane worms.  That’s all I got.

In all the discussions about the European settlement of the New World, one feature has been conspicuously absent: the role that the superstition, savagery and sexual immorality of native Americans played in making them morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil.”  –Dickheads Besmirching the nice Jesus

“And the Europeans proved superior in battle, taking possession of contested lands through right of conquest. So in all respects, Europeans gained rightful and legal sovereign control of American soil.”  –American Family Association of Big, Fat, Mean Bigots

“Behold, my child, know the end times are near when the fucktardedness of  religious nuts reaches a hell-fiery crescendo, yay, verily, begat and shit.”  McLeviti-cuss-a-lot  14:99 ½

The native American tribes ultimately resisted the appeal of Christian Europeans to leave behind their superstition and occult practices for the light of Christianity and civilization. They in the end resisted every attempt to ‘Christianize the Savages of the Wilderness,’ to use George Washington’s phrase.”  –Hate Group for Jesus

Thank you, Anal Fischer, for reminding the world that white supremacy is really just ugly.


15 thoughts on “I Will Make You a Fischer of Fuckery

  1. Disgusting.

    This is bad enough to make Jesus feel like coming back to kick his white supremacist ass.

    American family association… *sigh*

    • Native Americans Morally Disqualified Themselves from the Land…his title. Are they on a mission to reinforce their distinction as a hate group?

      Well, success! And Mr. Anal Fischer clearly makes “Suc” the operative syllable in success. 😦

  2. –Dickheads Besmirching the nice Jesus


    If Democrats could just shed their hippie Birkenstock granola zipper heads, OR if the Republicans could shed losers like this guy, we’d all be better off.

  3. It’s interesting to note, that at both ends of the money scale seem to reflect the exact same type of person: ignorant, close-minded, and a total waste of DNA that could be MUCH better used for, I don’t know, a friend for my buddy Blackjack the goat! Then again, maybe not – Blackjack has MUCH better taste than that. (And I should know – he’s tasted me a number of times.) 😉

  4. he thinks europeans were morally superior? 😯 he should read about european royalty. everyone was screwing everyone else, and the screwing only stopped long enough for them to order the chopping off of people’s heads.

  5. AFA has the validity of a lunatic asylum. TPM has done many reports on these kooks, each story more bizarre than the last. They like to play up that New Zion angle to cover their murders and misdeeds. Using their rational, they could come over and kick in my door and steal all my insturments because god told them they could have my Rickenbacker 12 string.

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