Blair touts the awesomeness of Mubarak

When Tony Blair calls Hosni Mubarak “a force for good,” extraordinary semantics are being deployed.  Mubarak had utility in Middle East peace regarding Israel.  But guess what pro-Mubarak thugs are yelling as they attack reporters….yehudi.  Jew.  That’s because Egyptian state television has told the public that Israeli spies have infiltrated their country.

Egypt’s pro-torture policies must be weighing on the minds of targeted  journalists (who are being rounded up as I type), that and Egypt’s reputation for disappearances.  Hell, Egypt’s brand-spanking, newly-appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman administrated his nation’s torture efforts.

So, Tony Blair’s contribution to a discussion on Egypt, thus far, amounts to the utility of tits on a bull.  There’s a time and place for a man who speaks from both sides of his mouth, but this isn’t it.


17 thoughts on “Shut up, Tony…Plus more on Egypt

  1. I think Mr. Blair means well, he just chooses his words VERY poorly. While it would (technically) be more stable for Mubarak to perform a controlled handover of power to whoever the opposition wants to run the country, and that work would be a force for both peace AND good, that doesn’t make Mubarak a saint in ANY sense. And though I support the pro-democracy forces, I have heard little of who the reformers plan to put in place of Mubarak, and what that government will look like.
    And by the by, do you know for a FACT that your bull has ALWAYS been a bull? Maybe those “bull boobs” are there for a reason. Besides, isn’t the world better off with MORE boobs than it needs, rather than fewer?
    (OK, open fire. Let me have it with the full “sexist male chauvinist” volley! 😀 )

    • I think Blair’s pathetic. If George W. Bush is capable of making you his stooge, his veritable butt boy, something is really amiss.

      But it’s a big clusterfuck of uncertainty. Why target and round up journalists? Like the NYT’s Nick Kristof is asking…what don’t the pro-Mubarak people want the world to see? The anti-government protesters were peaceful and made an impressive showing.

      Will Egypt be lost to religious nuts? ElBaradei is NOT a religious nut, but he’s the voice because he’s convenient. Torture bitch Omar Suleiman makes a legitimate point about a vacuum of leadership before transition.

      The turn of violence has been the pro-Mubarak crowd, and they aren’t making a case for themselves with brutality that the status quo should remain even temporarily.

    • That’s the problem with revolutions. They don’t tend to turn out good unless you think through the whole succession thing. El Baradei, while a seemingly decent person, isn’t exactly experienced management. Neither we nor Egypt need Suleiman. Who does that leave? I did suggest Omar Shariff somewhere else. After all, we survived Reagan, and Shariff has spoken out pro-revolution for Egypt, so how poorly could he do? If we can avoid the Muslim brotherhood, who are already calling to drop all treaties with Israel, the West AND Egypt will be better off. The younger generation of Egyptians don’t remember the 1967 and 1973 wars – they were bloody affairs, and the Egyptians made peace, not because they like Israel, but because they were sick and tired of the bloodshed. It scares me witless that the Muslim Brotherhood will get in there and start a whole new round of Israeli-Egyptian wars. And the Israelis are just pissy enough to blow the heck outta Iran’s nuke plants to protect their backs. Iran will of course blame the US, and that’ll start a wave of terrorism we could ALL do without.
      The non-US news, especially Al-Jazeera, showed very clearly what the timeline was yesterday. First, the anti-Mubarak crowds started to disperse. Second, the Army started to open its’ checkpoints and pull back some of its’ forces. Third, and only AFTER the Army started to move, did the pro-Mubarak forces come riding in, fully armed. Oddly convenient that Mubarak’s collection of paid thugs and secret police in plainsclothes showed up, in force, only AFTER the Army started to pull back. Odd, too, that they came with Molotov cocktails (which require some planning and logistics, trust me) as well as knives, machetes, and other weapons, while the pro-democracy crowd only had the sticks from their protest signs. And yet it was all “spontaneous” – the buses showed up “spontaneously” to bus in overwhelming numbers of pro-Mubarak forces. Yeah, right.

  2. Blair could have been remembered as the architect of the new Left, a model of passion, inspiration and pragmaticism.

    It all went down the drain.

    • You know, Blair seemed to be a decent type, but ended up acting like he’d been lobotomised. Kinda like Bush Senior in 1980. He made a LOT more sense than Reagan did, then he was sucked in by Reagan’s administration. He came out – I don’t know – neutered, a Reagan-esque zombie. Maybe there’s some half-zombie half-pod people group out there, messing with our politicians. Of course, even THAT couldn’t explain much of the current GOP….

    • “Cheney frightens Blair”? Cheney frightens me, he SHOULD frighten you, and I do honestly believe he scares the CRAP outta God Himself! I’d rather face a thousand zombies, with my bare hands, stark naked in the SNOW before I’d get within rifle range of Cheney! Then again, a nice fifty cal Barrett sniper rifle, range of 2 miles AND silenced, with a good scope….;)

  3. #2 is a very bad man. When Shel Alibi was “sent to Eygpt” they locked him in a box for eighty hours. When removed, Saliumans boys started doing their work. Saw the photo of the aftermath and it makes one wonder how many times they actually killed him and then revived him. Chuckles and Rummy got a whole lot of bad info from that torture session.

    • The government succeeded in shrinking the crowd in Tahir Square for “Departure Day.” It’s hard to imagine a democracy being born of this when it seems like the people are being so easily played. It’s almost like a good cop/bad cop scenario. The military being the good cop, the actual police as the government’s intimidators. The government is accusing the West of betrayal…but hey, Mubarak still has Tony Blair.

  4. The opening had me so LOL, I had a difficult time transitioning into a serious topic. Then again, the image tells an important story.

    • Blair just struck me as so absurd. I guess the whole enemy of my enemy is my friend is real for him. But I can’t believe how many high profile journalists were attacked yesterday…as I was posting! Cooper was nailed again. CBS’ Lara Logan. A Fox News reporter had to be hospitalized. An ABC producer was threatened with beheading. The Egyptian government really doesn’t want the world to see.

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