When the rapist man's semen takes root, you poor-ass bitches breed!!! -GOP position on rape

Rape is still sex in the demented minds of old, white conservative politicians….(probably in Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) mind, too though he’s a zombie slave to old, white men.)

Bill O'Reilly has obviously never been to Argument Clinic.

Bill Nye O’Reilly the Science Guy.  Discover Magazine begrudgingly schools an idiot.

😆 Bwahahahahahahahaahahah!!!! 😆


40 thoughts on “Today in Bullshit

  1. What I have always found interesting (besides, M, your grasp of such delicate, feminine language 😉 ), is if you don’t understand something, and blame it on gods (small G), then you’re a heathen and need to be burned at the stake, or stoned (not like me, I mean being hit by big effing rocks, to paraphrase Chris Rock). If you don’t understand something, and you blame it on God (big G – not General Mills, you heathens!), you’re a studied religious person. It’s the same “beats the scat out of me, SOMETHING musta done it” explanation, so why are Judeo-Christians exempt? If you don’t understand it, read a book! (Or in my case, admit you’re an ignorant fool.) If you still don’t understand it, admit your stupidity! Oh, wait – you have to NOT believe you are God YOURSELF to be able to admit you’re wrong. And of course, Billy is God (with baby Glenn as Jesus? SHUDDER!!). Sorry, I’ll go back to trying to turn lead into gold. If I don’t succeed, I can still eat the failed results! 😀

    • Ya know…St. Thomas Aquinas….Augustine of Hippo, both douches. But at least they used their brains. The Billies and Glenns think thinking is beneath them. They only need one answer. God did it.

      “God did it” doesn’t get cancer cured or put men in space. Work does. We live in a world where idiots are paid not to work but to be idiots.

    • “We live in a world where idiots are paid not to work but to be idiots.”
      So you HAVE met my neighbor across our shared driveway…..

  2. Rape is still sex in the demented minds of old, white conservative politicians….

    Yeah, this is nasty and hurtful. No other way around it. The social conservatives do so much damage to their OWN cause.


  3. Back to the moons …. I forced myself to listen to his explanation several times (which wasn’t easy) but he was talking about life on Mars, not moons. On the other hand, listening to the Silverman interview (which was even more difficult), he not only missed the boat, he never found the water. Most interesting, Bill O’Reilly is a Roman Catholic. So if he was playing to the Young Creationists, he’s missing his theological stance.

    • Wow. You have the patience of Job. 😀 I guess you’re saying even though he said Mars and Venus have no moon he actually MEANT Mars and Venus have no life. The thing is…he’s so obsessed with driving “facts” to fit his own ideas that I don’t believe he knows what he means except that God did it and he (O’Reilly) is the man who knows.

      His grasp on scientific explanations doesn’t even exist; so, how can he purport to know anything? He can’t. He remains a blowhard and does no service to anything resembling the “Great Conversation” by running at the mouth with no knowledge.

    • P.S. What O’Reilly should know as a grown, damn man is that elegance (moon, tides, life) is a superb argument for science. Everything that lacks elegance (i.e. cannot adapt) is selected for extinction or doesn’t come into existence at all because of failed adherence to the forces of physics and nature.

      • Believe me, I’m not an O’Reilly fan … I don’t even read the transcripts! ha ha …. but I can understand it in terms of mining for the absurd … well, which has got to be easy.

        I will listen again … meanwhile I got to hit the paint roller.

        BTW …. It seems the never-aired Bud Light commercial caught you by surprise. Now that is a surprise in itself! 🙂

        • Geez, you’re going to listen again? You are a saint. O’Reilly puts little thought into what he says…I’m not going to work harder than him to understand him. 🙂

          I don’t get the impression you’re a fan. I get the impression you’re not afraid of mental root canals.

          (The beer commercial was so totally icky.)

          • I only allow myself so many ORMPY … O’Reilly minutes per year – which means this post is burning up a chunk of them … in a distorted way, is good.

      • Uh-oh. Frank’s resorting to paint fumes. See what you’ve done, M? You’ve driven him to huffing! (Or did you take my advice, Frank, and get the glow-in-the-dark paint?)

        • Actually, the Frankster was talking about painting while the blizzard raged. I suggested glow-in-the-dark paint in case the power went out. (There is actual glow-in-the-dark paint, with that strange green glow you remember from childhood toys. The Amish use the stuff everywhere instead of “evil technology” nightlights for paths, marking doorways, etc. It does work, but takes an hour of light from a 60W bulb for about 3 seconds of glow, so it needs TONS of sunlight to work!)
          You want REAL redneck? We’ve traditionally strung multi-colour Christmas lights inside, so we can enjoy the holiday lights. I’ve left one string up as a “nightlight”, since a couple of ours blew and we haven”t replaced ’em. Try going to the bathroom at 2 in the morning, mostly asleep, so near-sighted you can barely see, and open up the bedroom door to 100 multi-colour lights! Cosmic AND Groovy!)

        • John … no glow-in-the-dark paint … but I am making progress and thankful for less odor in the paint than years ago. Meanwhile. Can you please that Melissa didn’t care for this unaired commercial?

        • Gee, Frank, I don’t see anything wrong with that commercial. It was actually quite funny, I thought. Then again, I think comedy hit its’ absolute zenith with the Three Stooges! 😀
          Don’t worry, Frank, you know how unreasonable women can be when there’s beer involved! 😉

        • Oh, and Frank, house-paint fumes won’t do it for you. Try automotive lacquer in a closed garage. My dad and I were repainting one of the family cars, both of us thought the other guy opened a window. I never laughed more with my father in my entire life. Was the brain damage worth the memory? What memory? What were we talking about again? Who am I?
          (wanders off, mumbling)

      • And don’t forget Arthur C. Clarke, M. “Any technology sufficiently advanced will appear to be magic.” So it IS God magic to O’Reilly. He’s just less advanced than most of us. I do believe he just figured out knap flint for knives…..

  4. Amongst all this rape-redefinitions by the profits of god, there came the most interesting remarks yesterday from Senator Mikursky (D-Maryland) laying it on those old bastards in the senate that she is more than annoyed with “being a woman” treated as a previosly existing condition by insurance companies. She was on fire on C-span yesterday.

    • Nyet, tovarisch. We’re all North Americans here (mostly), and I don’t think anybody wants real estate in St. Petersburg (Leningrad to you Cold Warriors). In other words, M, you’ve just been Spam-skied! 😀

    • Okay, Russia-Ukraine…if you’re a woman, I know you have a mustache. Even though your food is shit, I will leave your link (maybe). Since it’s not Chernobyl real estate or a whorehouse.

      I know. I’m totally nice.

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