Two million people gathered in Cairo on Tuesday calling for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down.  The demonstration has been peaceful with the military saying it will not use force against the public and emphasizing, “the freedom of peaceful expression is guaranteed for everyone.”

Nobel Prize winner and former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed El-Baredi has been catapulted into a leadership role as one of Egypt’s most recognized citizens:

They [the people] hope that this will end today or Friday at the latest, and they called the coming Friday ‘the Friday of departure’, but I hope that President Mubarak will take heed before then and leave the country after 30 years of rule and give the people a chance, and I don’t expect that he wants to see more blood,” Mr ElBaradei told al-Arabiya TV.

Egyptian soldiers stood on Soviet-made and U.S. Abrams tanks passing out chocolates during security checks! (BBC)

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26 thoughts on “Protesters Walk Like An Egyptian

  1. Ya know, one more quote of “Walk Like An Egyptian”, and I’m gonna contact The Bangles’ lawyers (yeah, each one has their own team)! Yes, I was in the fan club – no, not because of Susanna “Crazy Eyes” Hoff, but for the bassist, Michael Steele. (Sorry, M, I was out of my “blondes” phase and into my “brunettes/
    redheads” phase. Now I’m into my “I used to chase girls, but damned if I can remember what for” phase.) So whose next? Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, even Russia are at it. I’d suggest if you have plans overseas this summer, stay home. Heck, even Berlusconi is on borrowed time! 🙂
    Best visual image I’ve seen today, from the BBC: US M-60 tank with dozer blade at checkpoint, with people walking by (without being stopped) while tank crewman leans on dozer blade and reads a book. What a way to run a revolution!

  2. As if 30 years of rule isn’t enough already. Even coaches who rely on bizarre superstitions are wise enough to change their “winning” socks at some point–hopefully sooner than later–Eww! Hat tip to the Egyptian military for exercising restraint.

    Hi Melissa! Please stop over when you can and share your Super Bowl pick. Have a great week! Carpe Diem!

    • With Egypt’s unemployment rate, the BREAD problem, routine rolling blackouts, and inability to get money from bank accounts at any given moment, I guess there cannot be a soldier that’s not affected personally by Mubarak’s control.

      I’ll be at 2012, Al, but I wanted a Saints repeat! 😥

      • C’mon, ladies, ya gotta help me here. Frank doesn’t watch Family Guy. Ya gotta help me convince him he’s missing something good!
        Hmm. Now it’s pouring rain. It WAS supposed to only be drizzling right now, AND getting warmer. I think I might have to find the Internet hookup upstairs – just in case. 😀
        I’m secretly hoping the power goes out. We have the wood fire and kerosene lamps, while my idiot redneck neighbor’s gonna have SQUAT! (Yes, I know that makes me a bad person. After his kid spray-painted church property, well, I’m over it!)

        • Ladies? Is this more of your dosing the French types with humility?

          But business…

          Dearest Frank,

          I like Family Guy against my better taste. Peter Griffin is a gross slob. The children are homely and idiots. I like the wheelchair and black neighbors, but the over-sexed neighbor and the decrepit, octogenarian pedophile give me the willies.

          Sincerely, Melissa

        • Um… the ladies was meant to apply to you, M, and Jean-Phillipe. Or did I just commit a HUGE gaffe and accuse Jean of being a girl when he’s a he? Wow – a BIG apology if I did that! A HUGE apology! Jeez, something inside my (diseased) skull assumed female. As another cartoon character would say, “D’oh!”.
          By the way, M, I appreciate the desire to assist me. A+! Actual completion – well, let’s just say you don’t have to worry about writing me any letters of recommendation anytime soon! 😉

            • ‘Cause I’m a flat-line EEG? ‘Cause my brain is more pickled than a jar of gherkins? ‘Cause I’m just a big, fat IDIOT?!? Take your pick – heck, take ’em all, I’m cheap!
              And I cannot possibly think of a better, stronger, more earnest way to apologise, Jean-Phillipe, so for a brain fade of truly EPIC proportions, I am TRULY sorry. And if you do any writing, I’ll do all your proofing for free! (Aw heck, I’d do that anyway!) I’ll even try my tiny little bit of French – Je suis un idiot grande! (I hope that says “I’m a big idiot!”) Sorry ad infinitum, ad nauseum, add a 15% gratuity, whatever. SORRY!!!

  3. Well … seeing Susanna Hoffs was a pleasure.

    Meanwhile, Egypt events are remarkable. It reminds me of the fall of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc countries …. especially if this spreads across the region.

    On the other hand, sure hope this doesn’t open the door to a lunatic gov’t.

    Hey … reading transcripts of Beck and O’Reilly is better than listening …. and less time and less torture.

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