General, the battle draws to a close and I make my report. This is where and how I fought. I fell wounded, lost heart, but did not desert. Though my teeth clattered from fear, I bound my forehead tightly with a red handkerchief to hide the blood, and ran to the assault.  –Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco

BBC Arabic reporter Assad Sawey personifies Kazantzakis’ profile of pure courage.  Police beat and bloodied up the journalist knowing full well the man was part of the press corps.  Sawey would not be deterred.  He bandaged himself up and stepped in front of a camera to tell Egypt’s story.

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33 thoughts on “The Awesomeness of the BBC Arabic Report in Egypt

  1. BBC News gets some excellent reporters, even if they occasionally drift into their “old Empire” attitudes form time to time. I hit them on the net via BBC.CO.UK – none of that BBC America crap. Also try CBC.CA – they do good work. Deutsche Welle also has good news (though not always timely), and they have a very good news show on Link TV. If you can get it, I recommend it – they also carry an Al-jezeera (English language) feed. Link TV is VERY left-wing (I get queasy sometimes) – just fair warning. Weirdly, the Buenos Aires Herald has very good online news in English. They’re good for South American news, especially when my beloved Brits and the Argentines are going at it over the Falklands/Malvinas (which is pretty much always). And the Australian Broadcasting Co. (ABC.NET.AU) can have some very typically Aussie takes on things (and cover the local floods/wildfires both professionally and with great heart).

  2. Here is more professionalism in one of his toes than in the whole Fox News empire. And I’m sure it smells better.

    • Fox News’ only redeeming quality is to put it on with the sound muted. The ticker at the bottom is easier to read than CNN or MSNBC – I guess Fox skews toward the older (and hence near-sighted) demographic. 🙂

    • I prefer the Internet – that way I can skip the entertainment fluff. If you HAVE to watch TV, I have found that you need to watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. If they ALL report the same story, it’s real news. Then you average the facts of Fox and MSNBC, then average that total with CNN. That gets you close. Best TV news? I say Deutsche Welle TV, but then again I am a Hun at heart. BBC News from London is okay, but their bastardised American version stinks. I catch DW and BBC that I tape early in the morning, then pad it out via the Net. I only catch NBC World News to see if anybody has nuked Congress yet. As someone once said, if Con is the opposite of Pro, then what is Congress? 😀

      • My internets are constipated. (Fucking AT&T!) It feels like the 90s running a 236 chip. A few more hours of DSL-Molasses-in-January and this comment will be a post. 😡

      • Ahem. “Running on a 286”, not “Running on a 236”. 😉 The fore-runner of all our CPUs are the 8086, which became the 80186, then 286, 386, 486, and Pentiums. Why Pentium? Because if you use a Pentium to add 100 to 486, you get 485.98735841. (Bad joke – when the Pentiums first came out, their math co-processors were screwed up!) Hey, my first CPU was a 6502 on an Apple II. Compared to a 6502 loading data from a cassette tape, a jammed-up 286 with insufficient memory looked like lightning! 😀 (You can take the boy away from programming, but you can’t take programming out of an old fart! :p )

        • Sorry, I couldn’t resist the computer history lesson! You know me, the resident smart-aleck. 😉
          Oh lordie, they got a title for the current goings-on. NBC has declared it “Rage And Revolution: The Middle East in Crisis!”. We can’t just REPORT the dang news, no sir-ee Bob. No, we gotta give it its’ own graphic and theme music! Thank God for the Internet – most news services don’t bother with cutsey titles and music for a ‘Net story. So when does the day count begin? (“Rage and Revolution: Day 7 – Freedom Friday!”)

  3. who was the cnn talking head speaking to sawey? pretty amazing that she doesn’t seem to understand how this whole journalism thing is supposed to work. i guess, working at cnn, she never met a real journalist.

  4. The times, they are a-changing. All these going ons reminds me of twenty years ago watching regular broadcast TV late at night.. As was my habit before turning in, I click through the channels to see if I’m missing some old movie, and I come across a live shot of a T-62 tank sitting in an intersection in early morning sunlight. Trying to figure out what, where, why, and it suddenly barks off a round. The end of the USSR had begun! Now we are seeing in the Arab world what happened to Warpac. Let’s do hope they are left to sort this out without outside interference. The Austro-Serb affair was a localized event until Nicholas the Stupid decided to mobilize. And his cousin Wille had told him on the phone “don’t do it!” Ain’t history fun.

    • But I thought the Rebels were the good guys. After all, they killed the Emperor, Darth Vader, and BOTH Death Stars!
      Oops! Wrong rebels. I hate when that happens! 😀

      • So you’re saying the Rebel Alliance turned into the Tea Party? So that means – Glenn Beck is Luke Skywalker? AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!
        (We now pause a moment for reality reset.)
        (Instrumental of “Girl From Ipanema” plays)
        (Thank you. We now return you to your normally scheduled insanity.)
        Wow, I musta passed out there for a second. Had a weird dream, too – something about Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck working with Bill O’Reilly to overthrow Emperor Obama and Darth Biden? Damn – tacos and ice cream are NOT a good idea for dinner! 😉

  5. Link TV has been running a lot of live coverage of events in Egypt on Al-Jazeera News, if you get DirecTV or Dish Network. Just FYI. 🙂

            • In all seriousness, I don’t trust any operating system that won’t let me access DOS. Windows tells lies – DOS doesn’t know how. Then again, I don’t trust cars with computers, except for basic fuel injection. I’m not kidding – my newest car is 15 years old, and my lady loves are both going on 24! (Yeah, I admit it, I’m an old fart. Then again, I grew up with rotary-dial phones, even though Touch-Tone was around AND my dad worked for the phone company! A family of cantankerous old farts – that’s us!) 🙂

          • Wanna bet? I run XP. I’m waiting for a package in the mail for a peripheral port, then I’ll have my long-lost desktop back. It runs 98. Going backwards? Bet your sweet … um .. you betcha! Me personally, I think 98 was the epitome of Windows, with 95 being a close second. Windows 2000/ME? Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Or a 7 foot German. I wouldn’t run XP, but I need it to access stuff on the Net. Windows 7? Not unless the entire Internet fences me out! (I’m sure things will eventually go that way, Pity the world has its’ head up Bill Gates’ butt!)

  6. And just as our attention turns towards Egypt, Australia appears to be in the crosshairs of a BEAST of a hurricane (cyclone to them). Not to mention the southern Ontarioans (?) being in the way of what’s gonna blast the US Midwest (myself and AFrankAngle included), AND Belarus is still screwing around with their would-be pseudo-dictatorship AND the Germans are trying to figure out why 2 trains crashed over the weekend AND the Romanians have just lost a major Christian Orthodox Church leader, AND the Sudanese are working either towards splitting the country in half, or start another Darfur-like genocide, AND …. ah, the fun of trying to keep track of everything going on!

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