White Southern Baptists fucking up interfaith efforts.

h/t Think Progress

Oh, Southern Baptist Convention of the Whitie Mean-Asses, how you try my shit.

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention joined the Interfaith Coalition on Mosques because he knows he and his people are citizens of the world.  He had an interest in promoting interfaith efforts.


(Okay, maybe he wants access to converts in Muslim nations.  Maybe not.)

But when arsonists burned down a mosque in Tennessee though, Land was disgusted and said so publicly.

Well, the fundamentalist lame-brains have gone ape-shit on Land…as if the man had single-handedly armed al-Qaeda.

….the line that [I] feel Richard Land has crossed. He has joined a group is now filing court briefs to HELP Muslims get mosques built in this country….I feel that non-violent, ‘peaceful’ Muslims are the small minority of that religion’s population.  -Buster Wilson, Nut for Jesus

“As it stands, Land is aiding and abetting the relentless march of Islam in the West. Ironically, he does it in Jesus name.”   –Ingrid Schlueter, Whore of Hate…for Jesus


Lands penis shriveled, and he quit the Interfaith Coalition on Mosques. 😦


32 thoughts on “Church of the Pea Brain Makes Jesus Cry

  1. Hmm. And nobody has come up with the fact that most Muslims are peaceful by their Koranic education? That despite numerous passages in the Bible directing peace and tolerance, that the Roman Catholic church is one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) warmonger in world history? That there are sizable Arab populations around the US, yet only a handful of radicalised youth have even tried to join terrorist groups? (And yet goofs like Jared Loughner and Timothy McVey, with no affiliations, are the successful multiple killers?) Or am I just being silly and stating PAINFULLY obvious things again?

    • That’s why I won’t let people call me a Republican. I strongly dislike persecuting ANY group – and I have way too many gay and lesbian friends (not to mention a niece I love like my own kid) to get ANYWHERE near such a group of raging homophobes. Did you see the great stat about DADT? $58,200 per person, on average, to boot a person from the military for being gay/lesbian. THERE’S a great use of taxpayer money. NOT!!!

  2. Don’t worry, madam…

    But when are we going to ask to be led by people of courage rather fear, tolerance rather of hate, knowledge instead of teabaggers?

    • Question: Which one of the voices in my head are mine? There are too many to track. Well, at least until my once a month “a capella crackers” night. That’s when the choirs duel it out. “Doo wop” Thursdays are popular, too, but the traffic is getting kinda hectic. I think I need a new off-ramp around the medulla oblangata. Now if my building department will sign off on the blueprints…….
      As the old song says, “I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane.” Well, most of me, anyway. There’s a couple of me I’m not so sure of.
      So, do you think I’d be a good candidate for the GOP? Heck, I could increase their membership by 50% just by signing up. Well, except for that handful over by the left ear canal – I think they’re Libertarians working on a revolution.

        • That’s easy for you to say. Most of me is tone-deaf. Or too looped on Vicodin to give a rat’s …. donkey. (And remember, dear, it’s choirs PLURAL.) But it’s not the Libertarian-going-Commie group that’s got most of me worried. There’s a gang behind the right sinus that I can’t understand. I think we got into our creative center, and we’ve decided to create a language for one of my sci-fi universe’s races. I think the Klingon-English dictionary has inspired them (me). I just hope we share, because there’s a group talking about an expedition to the right middle ear if all of me doesn’t play nice. My balance is bad enough as it is, I don’t need me messing it up. (“Balance? Can this idiot REALLY be talking about being balanced?” “SHUT UP!” “Guys, don’t fight!”) I hate it when I and me fight. it upsets myself and me terribly.
          (Paging Mr. Nutz, Mr. I.M. Nutz, please pick up the white courtesy phone!)

          • In all seriousness – I’ve heard that song before. There is an excellent movie called “Tears of the Sun”. While it is a military-action film (with Bruce Willis), there is a strong overtone of politics within. Bruce’s team of SEALs have to rescue the widow of an American doctor, herself a doctor. They end up evacuating a group of Nigerian refugees. A number of the people playing the refugees are “lost boys”, Sudanese youth who lost their parents in the Sudanese Civil War, who WALKED through desert and veldt, without shoes or food, to camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. While a fictional event, it shows the pain and suffering rampant in Africa. The most heartbreaking line in the movie, is when the SEAL team depart the mission with their charge. The priest says “May God go with you, my son.” Bruce Willis replies “God already left Africa.” The so-called First World is great at disaster relief for its’ own – pity we cannot rise beyond the occasional celebrity music video. (No insult to Mr. Jean here.)

  3. richard land is an asshole, even if he made some noise about promoting interfaith efforts. he was appointed by chimpy (which should clue you in to how interfaith-y he was really supposed to be). he fought the building of cordoba house in nyc. he said that the muslims in this country should be thrilled with the opposition to cordoba, because if they lived somewhere else, they’d be even more oppressed. he also said this:

    There is a Japanese Shinto shine, I am told, blocks from the USS Arizona. That isn’t appropriate even 60 years later. Three-thousand Americans died there and they died at the hands of people acitng on behalf of the Japanese Empire.

    of course, that’s utter bullshit. there is no shinto shrine near pearl harbor. where did he hear it? rushbo was spewing the same bullshit lie.

    • That is an incredibly insensitive (and stupid, but we knew that) comment to make. If there WAS a Shinto shrine near Pearl, what about the native population of Hawaii, many of whom are Isei or Nisei (first or second generation Japanese immigrants)? This is more of the “Ground Zero mosque” BS. (And I really HATE the phrase Ground Zero. That’s where a nuke goes off!) A site almost 3 blocks away from the former WTC site is NOT at “Ground Zero” (AAUUGGHH!!!), and it wouldn’t push extremism based on its’ history. To claim a Shinto shrine near Pearl insults Japanese-Americans AND our own Pacific war veterans (including my father). You know, I got a collection of swords what haven’t been blooded yet. Field trip anybody?

    • I’m being an apologist for my prejudices against the theology of white Southern Baptists. 😳

      I mean I really hate it. I see young intellects crippled even before adolescence. It’s disgusting.

  4. Would you believe that during my Baptist upbring, that politics was never mentioned? Church was for hearing the Good News, lessons on how to love your fellow man, missionary work, and soul saving. There was no time for this nonsense. How times have changed.

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