When the brain is cut off from blood...

O, Utah, the bed you’ve made.  You should write a new book of Lamentations on voter remorse.

Senator Mike “God-my-ass-is-a-depraved-mother-fucker” Lee (R-UT) believes the Arizona assassin, Jared Loughner, conspired to make us a more civilized America.  So if we do what the shooter wants and exercise a disciplined and civil tongue, we lose.

The shooter wins if we, who’ve been elected, change what we do just because of what he did.”  –Lee on ABC’s This Week

Is he actually calling for an America that rejects reflection?  Loughner had his twisted victory when he successfully gunned down peaceful people outside of a grocery store.  But it’s utterly moronic to cast this in win/lose terms.

There are no winners in reality.  We all lose when a child is murdered.  We all lose when it’s not safe to go to a grocery store, when a representative of the people cannot mingle with voters for fear of assassination.

Does this misanthropic asshole senator have a computer program where he plugs in a scenario, and the software spits out the most offensive response possible?

Or was he brought up this way?


55 thoughts on “Utah: The Depravity State

  1. This line is a good candidate for the most stupid thing ever said since the invention of language milleniums ago. 😯

    That man should remain at all times at least a 100 feet of any microphone, a computer, typewriter, pencil or telephone.

    Well, let’s make it 10,000 feet.

  2. And this is why I love your site, my dear. In the wasteland that is the Internet, you provide us with tremendous doses of love, forgiveness, and kindness to your fellow man (and woman). Here, we can read positive, uplifting things about decent, caring individuals doing their best for the betterment of all mankind.
    Now repeat after me.. 1…. 2….. 3…..
    Sorry, had to get that off my chest! 😀

    • 😀

      But Lee should be severely scolded. He’s proving he is nothing more than a great ass (in just a week!!!!). If he has no humanity, he could look to Coburn and imitate him at the SOTU.

      (And Utah is so pretty.)

    • Well, I was leaning more toward “absolutely totally brain dead” and “complete waste of DNA”, but I didn’t want to upset this session of the Mike Lee Fan Club. 😀
      And quit calling me John Erickson – that’s so formal! John will do quite nicely, thank you. You make me feel so bloody OLD! (Not that I’m NOT an old fart by any means, but you don’t have to keep reminding me!) 😉

      • Well, okay, I’ll let it slide this time. That way if the wife looks over my shoulder, she won’t suspect the torrid online affair we’re having! 😉

        • Hey, it’s all your fault! You’re the only other woman I’ve talked to in days! 😀 (And you think I joke when I say we’re in the middle of nowhere. Even Google can’t find a satellite to overfly our place for close-up pictures!) But never fear, she’ll get her revenge. She’ll take me (SHUDDER!!) grocery shopping! (AAUUUGGGHHH!!!)

            • Are you kidding? If Chicago had had a smaller gay population, I would’ve carried my OWN purse! Man, everything you need in one place! Good grief, when I traveled a lot back in the 80s, I always wore a crappy Sears suitcoat. Not to look good – for the pockets! I could carry my tickets, wallet, extra money, spare “fast” film (when most people used ASA 200 speed, I used 1600 – photos by candlelight), a drink, a book, even an “emergency” Ziplok bag with underwear and necessary toiletries in the pockets! You ladies are SO lucky!
              And now that I’ve shot my manhood all to Hell, I’m gonna go have dinner. Toodles!

          • Naw, the cart carries the purse. I limp along behind and try not to look like I’m getting a root canal without anesthesia. I also get to be the co-pilot – check out AFrankAngle’s post of “On Miracles” for an honest description of how much I love the shotgun seat.
            Oh, and fair warning – I maybe somewhat silent tomorrow (YES! Praise God!), as we’re setting up a flag salute for the fellow who died early Saturday. The procession goes right past our house, and we’re gonna send him off proud with every flag I can find. Since that totals 2 48-star flags (what flew when he served in Korea), 3-4 50-star flags, and about 2 dozen stick-in-the-ground flaglets, I’m gonna be busy. Plus the visitation is tomorrow @ 5pm Eastern time, so I’ll be gone for awhile. Don’t have too much fun without me, okay? 🙂

  3. Holy Postings, Batman! That last one was my 250th on WordPress! (Hey, I’m new to all this, so it’s a big deal!) Seriously, I can’t think of a blog I’d rather hit the big 2-5-0 on. Well, there is my British buddy’s naval history site, but the conversation here is MUCH more fun – and the hostess is a DANG sight cuter! (Well, James in a nice pullover, with the light catching his eyes just right…….) 😉

            • Okay, just watched that video. Can you pour alcohol in your ear to sterilise your brain? 🙂
              Actually, my strongest reaction was watching the booby Hatch during the whole thing. If any of you folk out there watch Family Guy, picture Hatch as the old pedophile with the walker and the lame dog. That is ALL I could see, down to the point I was waiting for him to go into the room with the little girls and tell them he had candy in his pockets, but they had to search him to find it! Then again, these were little GIRLS – he’s probably more into little boys (in more ways than one)! Hey-Yo!

      • Great idea, but do you have any idea how expensive 70s Ford Torinos in red with a white stripe are? Then again, a modern Taurus in bland grey would suit THIS not-so-Dynamic Duo…..

  4. finally got my avatar to stick.Last time I was in Utah I was passing through and some fella invited me into the restroom for a good time.I “strenuously” declined and asked him if he would like a new orifice to breathe out of or wander away peacefully and find someone else to bother.I am still free and the last I saw of that fella was him wandering away of his own free will.That was 17ish years ago.Other than that it was about 18000 feet and it was all flat,so I seen it from top to bottom and was impressed with neither.The avatar is a pic of me and my dog Spot.

  5. I just watched (and re-watched) the segment on Sen Lee. I hope he follows Palin’s lead – that is, the more you talk, the more mistakes you make – and that’s what the public needs to hear. A version of give-the-enough rope or even rope-a-dope.

    I realize his line is a snippet from a larger interview, but I just can’t come up with any context that puts that comment in good light.

  6. But this is what politics is all about in this country – winning at all costs. Being elected is a football game with all the poor sportsmanship, trash talk, theater and brute mentality it possesses. And when one side wins, his or her fans mindlessly support anything said, because the goal is to crush the opponent. Real dialogue could happen during the commercials, but the fans are too busy getting drunk and eating Doritos. (Sorry about the football analogy, you guys, but I really hate football.)

  7. Gee, just when I thought it was safe again to identify with the Republican Party, Mr. Lee has me and more sensible Republicans scrambling for our brown paper bags again…

    Hi Melissa,

    Heard a rumor that you and Michelle Bachmann will be seated together doing the State of the Union Address, hahaha–just kiddin’–no sense in putting your competence anywhere near her for fear of her shortcomings becoming too obvious.

    Have a great week! Carpe Diem!

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