....And the Hate Campaign rolls on.

Glenn Beck’s focus of hate on a 78 year old woman pays off in death threats.

Frances Fox Piven is a professor of political science and sociology at City University of New York.  Beck bases his anti-Piven hate speech on an article written when Beck was 2 years old.  Piven’s 1966 piece theorized on a strategy for helping poor people.  Beck blames Piven and her late husband for “the unsustainability and possible collapse of our economic system.”

I lifted these comments about Piven from Glenn Beck’s fans at his The Blaze:

  • “Choking on her tongue would be a fitting way for this POS (piece of shit) to die!”
  • “You know a bullet is to good for this piece of human waste.”
  • The cemeteries are half empty and this witch is still running around living?”
  • “Maybe they should burst through the front door of this arrogant elitist and slit the hateful cow’s throat.”
  • “Prison? No, traitors are usually executed. The Rosenbergs got fried in the Chair. Hanging is cheaper, and you can reuse the rope.”
  • “We should blow up Piven’s office and home.”
  • “Big lots is having a rope sale I hear, you buy the rope and I will hang the wench. I will spin her as she hangs.”
  • “Scum like her should not be allowed to live in america, throw her azz out.”
  • “Old b!tc# needs to just die.”

Piven didn’t even know she had been targeted by the right until people posing as students lied their way into her home.  The video from the interview subsequently ended up on Andrew Briebart’s website.  Soon after fans of Glenn Beck were sending her hate email:  “Die You Cunt” and “May cancer find you soon.” (Source: Democracy Now.)

The Center for Constitutional Rights pleaded with Fox News in a letter to end the inflammatory rhetoric that has brought on the death threats against Piven.  Fox News responded saying the company cannot take the letter seriously because CCR released it as a public document.  However, Fox News advises CCR that most of their concerns are with Beck’s The Blaze website. (Source)

Tangentially, in a British Parliament discussion on Fox News and Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, one member offers:

If Glenn Beck were here today I would say to him: “Glenn Beck, you are a bigot. You bring shame to your country, not because you lack balance, but because you are an unthinking buffoon…It is time for thinking citizens in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia to unite against the Murdochs’ vicious brand of politics that masquerades as publishing.”   –British MP, Tom Watson (Source)

Beck may be an unthinking buffoon, but he wields a lot of power.

h/t Will–Glenn Beck on Liberals “You’re going to have to shoot them in the head.”


28 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Channeling Rwanda Radio

  1. In any country, such hate should lead to prison for a long time. There is no argument for this being legal. You can criticize anyone about anything. But within the limits of civility.

        • 🙂 In spelling yes. Phonetically: ZELL-it. 🙂

          (I’m lucky I’m not writing French. I’d be confined to present tense and the vocabulary of a 3-year-old.)

          But I love the song. I used to play it when I was little.

        • Think about this – Fox’s “Big Three” (in more ways than one): Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh (OK, that’s a stretch, but bear with me) and Bill O’Reilly.Now think about the song – “I’m a little teapot SHORT and STOUT.” Sounds like a good description for all 3 of those goofs. “When I get all steamed up hear me shout” – that’s a generic description for the show all 3 put on! Fox’s Teapot Pundits for the Tea Party! (Dang, I gotta get the copyright on that – I could make MILLIONS!) 😉

      • I want to know who slipped Beck what when he joined Fox. He was a big-time conservative on CNN, granted, but he never got into the histrionics of crying, shaking his head and moaning, or any of the other BS he does on Fox. And God help me, but I actually agreed with some of the stuff he said – he even went after the GOP a few times for wasting money. I think when CNN dropped him, they did so on his head! Either that, or O’Reilly is some kind of vampire, and we need to stake BOTH those guys’ hearts – and I mean RIGHT now! Pity Fox can’t find the same testicular fortitude that MSNBC showed in dropping Olbermann. Throw ALL the bums out, then we can start from scratch.

        • John Erickson. Good Saturday. 🙂

          We have completely different views on Olbermann. While he is not an intellectual, he brought intellectual rigor to his presentations. He is the liberal equivalent of Frum or Brooks doing television. Even on the occasions I disagreed with Olbermann, he made cogent arguments that could be rationally disputed. I could see Olbermann’s passion translate as off-putting, but he was not fanatical.

          The Fox News incarnation of Beck is just fanatically lost. Listening to him earlier, it seems as if he has this rigid paradigm with closely guarded tenets gleaned from authority figures he respects, then he confabulates everything to support that the end of the world draws nigh and you’re in danger…

          If you’t buy gold.
          If you don’t fight liberals.
          If all Americans have access to health care.
          If Barack Obama gets his way on anything.
          If you don’t store food ahead of the collapse of America.

          Olbermann caught fire during the Bush administration when Bush and Cheney were doing reprehensible things. His Good Night and Good Luck, a tribute to Edward Murrow and a hearkening to the twisted era of McCarthyism, was an appropriate and constructive response and worked to a healthy extent in my view.

        • It’s not that I found Olbermann anywhere NEAR as devious or libelous as the Fox yahoos. He just seemed to be getting repetitious and shrill lately. I used to watch him quite a bit (oh dang, there goes my GOP and NRA memberships!), and did find his arguments showing a GREAT deal more research (ok, how about INTELLIGENT research?) than anything Fox aired. He just seemed to be going over the same ground – Beck and O’Reilly are evil (no DUH!), the Republicans are evil (maybe, but the Dems ain’t exactly immaculate), Palin’s an idiot (again, no DUH!), and on and on. There was so much new stuff he could’ve covered, it just felt like he fell into the same infinite loop of criticising the other guy (Fox/GOP) that Fox was so guilty of. It just amazed me that MSNBC would actually make such a bold move. I’d hope the same of Fox, but Lucifer ain’t gonna fire Beelzebub any time soon (substitute Fox personnel as you see fit).
          Oh, and about 25 years ago, we WOULD have been on polar opposites. I was a good little Repub up until George the First took over from King Ron. Since then, I’ve been sliding towards the middle. I won’t recommend Carter for saint anytime soon, but I’m really getting tired of the Looney Toons marathon that has become the right in ALL its’ forms (GOP, Tea Party, et al). Besides, nowadays, there’s LOTS of elbow-room in the middle. Actually, it’s getting a little lonely in here! 😀

  2. I wish I could say I was surprised at this. Glenn Beck is, simply put, a master manipulator of people with low IQ’s, and his goals involve a great deal bloodshed. Want proof? Read this.

    NEW at The Will of The People (http://iamthewill.wordpress.com/)

    Glenn Beck on How to Deal With Dangerous Progressives: “Shoot Them in the Head”

    • Hi, Will. It’d be nice to offer you a welcome and hello under better circumstances than that Beck video. I think I saw the Media Matters headline for it last night. It did make me decide to go ahead and make the GB/Rwanda Radio-Lite graphic.

      From the video:

      “You’re going to have to shoot them in the head, but warning they may shoot you.” –Glenn Beck

      It’s chilling. Beck pretending like he doesn’t say those sorts of things… The Congresswoman shot in the head. 😦

  3. here’s an idea. i think glenn blechhh and capt underpants should go on the road and do a beach boys tribute tour. capt u can sing ‘bomb, bomb iran’ while blechhh sings his rendition of ‘help me, rwanda.’ 🙂

  4. Beck may be an unthinking buffoon, but he wields a lot of power.

    Hi chic,

    In my short while reading, I’ve only posted when we disagree. In the spirit of non-combative dialog and in the hopes of just pure good form, I’m posting to say that I think your right on this one.

    Beck was gettin’ a bunch of attention. I DVR’d his show for awhile and found him to be a bore, over the top and just too much. The folks he finds complaints with are fine, have complaint. But this over the top drama is just too much.

    And it’s too bad this woman is going through what she’s going through. And those comments, despicable.

    It’s my hope that they are considered what they are; nut jobs and wackos. And not representative of calm thoughtful contemplative philosophy on conservative economic/fiscal matters.

    While I firmly disagree with Piven and what she advocates, I do NOT think she is calling for violent protests.

    Take it for what its worth; not all of us who disagree with the Left are raging idiots.

    • hello pino. i have to ask–and i do this respectfully–where are the thoughtful contemplative conservatives when it comes to beck or limbaugh or coulter or the other talking heads who spew nothing but hate? why aren’t they loudly denouncing them instead of running in the other direction with their tails between their legs? i haven’t seen a lot of courage on your side of the aisle. every once in a while, someone might call out rushbo, but the very next day, they’re grovelling at his feet, begging for forgiveness. i remember the day when there were republicans who were principled and stood up to those who were irresponsible. these days, not so much.

      • hello pino.

        Hi nonnie.

        i do this respectfully–where are the thoughtful contemplative conservatives when it comes to beck or limbaugh or coulter or the other talking heads who spew nothing but hate?

        I suspect that the thoughtful public officials consider those guys for what they are; entertainment. I’m not sure it would occur to them to feel compelled to call them out.

        However, your point hits hard on the folks who make up the base. The folks that listen to these guys. They’re the ones that ought be complaining. Some of the stuff these guys suggest is just simply nuts.

        Now, for the other take. Often times the ideas the right suggest sound as if we don’t care about the little guy. And that by saying it, we’re cold heartless mother fuckers. In that regard, we are actually LOSING the battle. It’s easy low hangin’ fruit to say to the poor guy that the government ought to help him.

        So, what often times SOUNDS like hate isn’t.

        Now, back to your point. The talking heads do make statements that are out of bounds And they SHOULD be called out. And it does make me “sad” when they aren’t. All I can say is that I the commentary today, has it always been this way, is so tribal that it’s too hard for a Democrat to say he agrees with a Republican. Or a Republican to say she disagrees with a Democrat that we all retreat into our corners.

        Again, in the spirit of open dialogue, you are right. They should be called out more often.

    • I like to be pleasantly surprised, pino. Thanks for your post.

      I have not read Dr. Piven’s Nation article from 1966. The 60s were a time to say, do, or try anything…for its own sake and for much needed social changes. (I’m still reeling over Mississippi appendectomies–stealing a black woman’s uterus and telling her she had appendicitis for purposes of eugenics!–which I learned about in an article addressing Governor Haley Barbour’s recent lunacies.) Piven indicated in the interview that most of it was about how difficult it is to get anything accomplished with poor people.

      At 78, Piven is not suddenly consumed with an urge for the spotlight. I genuinely believe she’s afraid. (How HORRIBLE to have people in your home…and the strangers are lying to you to set you up. Personally, I would have looked into pressing charges.)

      But I noticed in Fox News’ letter, they didn’t tell CCR they’re imagining things. They pointed to Beck’s site.

      And I know you yourself would be ridiculed for speaking against Beck or Limbaugh by plenty in today’s brand of conservatism. So, you have the courage of your own convictions, and I do respect that. So, again. Thank you. 😉

  5. Apologies to our hostess, this is a Nonnie reply. 😉 Nonnie, first off, that whole Beach Boys thing is an atrocious batch of the most hideous puns, the sign of a demented and truly diseased mind. I LOVE IT!!! 😀

    On a FAR more serious note, and no hyperbole intended, I tend to see a level of connection between conservatives’ relations with Beck/O’Reilly/et. al. and Hitler. (WOW! Yeah, I know, but stay with me.) A lot of conservatives listen to these guys (and gal – Coulter) and agree with some – not all – of what they say. Heck, I was a Beck devotee back when he was on CNN. So the majority of conservatives won’t refute them, because they at least partially address the issues near and dear to conservatives. In the late 30s, when Hitler was consolidating power, there were a lot of people who didn’t think highly of him, but did support how he had brought Germany out of the Depression and out from under the shame of Versailles. (Bear in mind, WW2 and death camps haven’t happened yet.) So the Germans who didn’t subscribe 100% to Hitler kept quiet, like I believe many conservatives won’t speak up because of partial acceptance and not wanting to be seen as liberal. In My VERY Humble Opinion. (Okay, I admit I have a WW2 fetish, and also have plenty of vacant space between the ears. 😀 )

  6. But for any progress to be made in this country, Republicans must start denouncing these crazies for what they are. Otherwise, the overall sense that Beck and the rest have strong support from them will continue. Republicans are missing the opportunity to put forth whatever decent ideas they might have. They’re allowing the noise from the lunatics to drown them out. The fact that they might “partially address the issues near and dear to conservatives” isn’t going to work. The issues will never be part of rational conversation as long as Republicans remain silent on the poisoning of the dialogue.

    • First off, thanks for the compliment, Snoring Dog. Though I’d rather just be called a conservative – I disagree with a number of GOP issues, so I’d rather not wear an elephant tattoo on my forehead! 🙂
      A large part of the issue with these Fox jokers was mentioned above – they’re ENTERTAINMENT. They are the “shock jocks” of political commentary. You can get “entertainment” news about politics on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (both of which I avidly watch), but I guarantee you both Stewart and Colbert would be fired immediately if they did not bring in the viewer numbers. Ditto with Fox – even people who HATE Beck tune in to see what stupidity he will utter today (kinda like gawkers at a car crash), thus they bring in the viewers. The problem is that, with the current crop of “newstainment” (copyright MMXII by Me, All Rights Reserved) spread out all over the dial, even on “neutral” CNN, is blurring the line between news and a load of hot air. And with the dumbing down of American, people can’t (or won’t) differentiate between Beck’s BS and reality. (This doesn’t mean I’m excusing CNN and MSNBC from blame, just that their guilt is somewhat less.) And as always, the fringe is the voice you hear. Who are you gonna listen to – the guy screaming “Mars Is Invading!” or the guy mumbling “Everything’s okay, I guess.” (OK, bad example with this way-above-average group, but you get my meaning.) I think it’s the business of the so-called silent majority to speak up, and conservatives should condemn on the right, while the liberals patrol the left. Otherwise, any outcry will be dismissed as just more party-oriented rhetoric.

      • Conservative – point taken and thanks for the clarification. Your last two sentences, particularly, are right on. It’s a responsibility we all share and if we don’t engage, we deserve the hysteria, the lies and the poor political choices made. I believe that the Beck, et al, followers are the fringe – noisy ones, yes — but some of them could be dissuaded from their views if their more responsible leaders, their elected officials, could present a more measured view. It shouldn’t be getting votes at all costs. Sadly, most often it is. Always look forward to hearing your views, John.

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