The subtext of diplomatic relations.

President Obama grabbed the Chinese President Hu bull by the horns of his state visit by emphasizing the importance of universal human rights.


President Hu slapped him back with a request to respect his nation’s core interests offering that he would extend the same courtesy.

Normally these things are handled with penis measuring contests, but Hu explicitly negotiated dick size out as terms for his visit.

Here’s China’s take on U.S. human rights record which they issue because the U.S. State Department’s assessment of China pisses them off:

At a time when the world is suffering a serious human rights disaster caused by the US subprime crisis-induced global financial crisis, the US government still ignores its own serious human rights problems but revels in accusing other countries. It is really a pity.”  (China Daily)

Ok. That hurts my feelings.  Especially that condescending afterthought “It is really a pity.”

While the State Department is critical of China, it ain’t no thang compared to Amnesty International’s report:

  • Freedom of expression in general and online in the shitter.
  • Freedom of the press in the shitter.
  • Freedom to associate with others…not so much.
  • Tibetans, Falun-Gong, Catholics, and Protestants…persecuted.
  • Torture a problem.
  • Death while in custody…a big problem.
  • Detention without trial…also a problem.

Well. If nations were penises, China would win. They’re bigger.


20 thoughts on “Hu Knew?

  1. Now, now, in the interest of international relations, we shouldn’t worry about “Hu’s on first”. After all, in world leadership, “Hu’s the boss”? We know China’s human rights record is sickly, but can we look to “Doctor Hu” to fix it? We could waste time asking China’s leaders “Hu are you?”, but we should be kind. After all, it’s not like “Hu Killed Roger Rabbit”. We should just look to Washington, because after all, “Hu goes there.”
    (OK, wiseacres, YOU try to figure out a sentence using “Hu put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop! :p )
    Ow! Um.. somebody call me an ambulance, I think I broke something….ow!

    • You don”t really want me dishing out more puns, do you? “Hu” knows where I might stop! Anyone “Hu” knows me knows that’s a risky thing! “Hu”ever gets me started will have to bear the blame! (This is too easy. Why couldn’t Angela Merkel visit? There’s a challenge!)

      • (You had to expect this one, so let this be on your head!)
        Ready? 😉
        “Oh yeah? Sez Hu?” (rimshot)
        You HAD to be expecting something like that! And don’t you try to play innocent by saying……
        “Hu knew?” (double rimshot)
        Thanks, ladies and germs, I’m here all week! 😀

  2. just think how the birthers will go ballistic if the chinese president tries to throw all our indebtedness to china in obama’s face with an offhand hu’s your daddy?

    • China is the reason (I think) we’ll never touch North Korea or Iran. China’s oil come from Iran. Who’s going to stand between China and their means of production?

  3. You left off two notable practices (1) killing prisoners to harvest body parts that are readily available to matched tissue types. This is a very big money maker because of those who don’t have time to get on a waiting list.. (2) forced abortion. I heard a pro-life congressman bring it up this week and it reminded me of the demographic explination from 20 years back. Worldwide the ratio of men/women is a very constant 100-102. The ratio in China 20 years ago was 112-100. When you play that out with that population, that 85 million missing females! Since that is an old figure, it would be safe to say it has gone over 100 million by now. And to be fair, India plays that game too .and actually may be worse..

    • I did. That was my mad diplomatic skillz at work. But I’ve railed against organ harvesting within the last year.

      While I view the forced abortion policy and male preference as horrible, I wonder if the nation would collapse without such tight controls on their numbers. I saw a documentary that indicated, yes. It may be a rational albeit immoral strategy for survival. So, I’m less inclined to make a judgment because I don’t know.

      I saw another doc addressing the male/female ratio. Choosing males is another survival strategy, a means of being less impoverished. The deficit of females has made women a commodity according to the show. So, bizarre.

      • Very tough question. It’s like people in Europe struggling to survive a thousand years ago, barely making it from harvest to harvest. Then the Black Death came along and wiped out half the population with the result being there was twice as much of the food supply available to the survivors. And the reason I mentioned India besides the current rage of female infanticide was that story last year of the 3 and a half year old boy kidnapped in one of the northern villages and those hindu bastards dismember and killed him in a sacrafice to their shit-god Kali. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in a culture that builds temples to rats.

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