Huffington Post Screenshot: January 8, 2011

I offer a fuck you very much to all the violence-mongers who glorify assassination and celebrate gun ownership in the same thought.

Fuck you, Sharron Angle.

Fuck you, Sarah Palin.

Fuck you, Glenn Beck.

If you had consciences, you would hide in shame.

Update:  Sarah Palin has lost her web page with crosshairs targeting Representative Giffords.  I’m here to help:

Sarah Palin's Message for taking Care of Democrats

Yay for Google cache.


35 thoughts on “Second Amendment Remedies Come to Pass

  1. These people belong in prison. You can work all day to screw helpless people until they lose even their dignity. But these calls for violence are criminal.

  2. I just got through looking at the facebook memorial link from HuffPo. That little girl looks just like my little sister Rachel when she was that age. All of this is such an outrage. At least Heston won’t show up with an NRA rally like he did days after the six year old girl was shot and killed in Flint. I am not surprised that a tradgedy like this has happened. Only surprised it took this long to happen. PS-it almost did three months ago when the crazed gunman (Beck inspired and directed) was headed for Frisco and got stopped on the MacArthur freeway and had a twenty minute shootout with the Oakland cops and the CHP.

  3. One good thing that has come out of this tragedy, the gop has postponed it’s idiotic health care repeal vote. Maybe now they realize that it’s just a dumb stunt to make people dangerously angry with the government. But then again, maybe not.

      • It’s a lot more simple to fire everybody and start a new, decent conservative party with decent people. Conservatives CAN be decent and rational. Unlike everything that happened since the Kenyan socialist took over.

    • Except you never would. You know I love to rail against and pick on Jon Boehner, but I thought he gave a decent statement:

      “an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve.”

      • Coming from one of the most corrupt people in Congress, one who ‘serves’ only the rich and powerful who pay his price, his words ring a little hollow.

        So yeah, fuck him and his Fox propaganda machine.

  4. Not to be snide or flip or anything, but I reckon now might be a good time for Bristol to reconsider her move to Arizona and her plans to go to school there.

    I wouldn’t want to be her, there, anytime soon.

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