Business Gets a Be Jay from Issa
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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) squeezes his 15 pound sack of testicles (made of pure frothing evil) in the name of blow job creation.

The convicted car thief and once accused arsonist has written a letter begging businesses to tell him which regulations he can kill for them.

  • Polluters? How would you like to poison the air, ground or water?
  • Death merchants in the insurance industry? Can I help you deny anyone care?
  • Food processing manufacturers? Would you like to make your customers sick?

Issa will lead the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  He solicited more than 150 companies and other organizations asking which regulations need elimating.



16 thoughts on “Head for Business: Courtesy of Issa

  1. remember when he tried to make the first lady’s position one of a federal employee, and she would have to report every expense, every meeting, etc.? darrell issa is batshit bachmann in pants. even though he’s smarter and more cunning than batshit bachmann, their main goal is getting attention. his lust for power will prove to be his undoing, and hopefully, he’ll take the rethug party with him. issa is thoroughly unlikable, and i don’t know how much the tea party will support him. after all, he’s an arab, and we’ve never seen his birth certificate.

    • I don’t think it fits. Bachmann lives in Wonderland. Issa is just one heck of a dick.

      May I suggest he’s the political equivalent of John Holmes?

      • i meant that they are alike in the sense that all that matters to either of them is getting attention to further their political careers. the difference is that batshit bachmann is delusional enough to think that she really does deserve a higher office and that higher office will allow her to lead people where g-d wants them to go. issa knows that he’s an evil sonuvabitch, but he doesn’t care, because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. they both have delusions of grandeur.

  2. Asking corporations what they want while planning to prosecute every politician who tries to govern according to what his or her constituants want. I don’t think it’s possible to do worse as a politician without breaking the law.

    Oh, and he did break the law?

    Well, this calls for The Clash:

  3. … and Rep Issa wants to investigate anything associated with the White House … but (of course) the current White House. Such actions will alienate the center.

  4. Didn’t Issa take any notice that Prop 21 eliminating all pollution regulation in California was soundly defeated in November. Even Arnold spoke out against it in an angry tone. And now that Alabama fool on the banking commitee has asked the moneychangers how far he should stick his tongue up their ass!

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