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Oh, look. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour thinks he’s gone from zero to hero:

Barbour decided (because he’s so magnanimous) to free two African-American sisters serving life in prison for armed robbery.

Holy frickin’ cynicism!  Remember just last week Barbour was getting spanked for recalling the good ol’ days of racism in the American South.

However, if you’re Jamie and Gladys Scott, Barbour’s reasons are irrelevant.  They must be very grateful to get out from under a monstrously punitive sentence for a crime that yielded them $11 bucks!

Christ on a Crutch!  Mississippi is mean!  Hafta remember, if the Sipp didn’t exist, I’d be tied with Arizona for the meanest. (I think Alabama hasn’t shown her ass since the midterm elections).

The judge who presided over the Scott Sisters’ case also granted bail to the Ku Klux Klansman charged with murdering three Mississippi civil rights workers in 1964.

Don’t think Barbour’s gone all soft and penitent.  He recommended the Scotts “should be granted an indefinite suspension of sentence.”  Paroled.

Part of the deal requires an organ donation by Gladys Scott to her ailing sister…

Very fucking China of you, Governor.

“Jamie Scott’s medical condition creates a substantial cost to the state of Mississippi.” –Haley Fucking Barbour, King Douchebag (no relation)



11 thoughts on “The Barbour UnCivil

  1. The whole story got me scratching my head. First of all, the punishment didn’t seem to fit the crime … second his comments of last week (which I didn’t find surprising) … then a parole … with conditions … and all under the banner of saving money. Simply sad.

  2. The next time somebody’s brought up on body parts trafficking charges, I will gladly pay them at least twenty American cash dollars to use the “Mississippi defense” — “the state of Mississippi *required* a body-part-for-services transaction of one of its citizens, therefore transaction in body parts is inherently legal”.

    That was my first thought when I heard this. Second thought? Eugenics.

    • Well, that’s a major case of the willies!

      Mississippi Appendectomy came to mind. Evil people exerting their will over the vulnerable.

      You’ve probably noticed the Southern monarch complex? Barbour thinks he’s king and can do whatever he wants and does and gets away with it.

      I’m sure the sister wants to make the donation. I would for my sister. But to make the Scotts’ release (involving an unjust sentence!) contingent upon excising a body part is immoral, disgraceful. I’ll fall over if it’s not illegal. 😯

  3. the 11 bucks really isn’t important in my mind. what’s the difference if you steal 11 bucks or a million? stealing is stealing. that said, the sentence for these women (who were just girls when the crime was committed) was ridiculous, and they should have gotten out of jail long ago. barbour only freed them to get his own fat ass out of the fire. and is making someone donate an organ constitutional? any lawyers around?

    all that aside, happy new year, m’lissa, to you, your family, and all your wonderful readers. i hope the new year is a happy, safe, and healthy one for us all. love you! mmmwwaahhhh!!!

    • Barbour’s loathsome. I’ve noticed sometimes law doesn’t have the imagination to account for how hideous people can be.

      But doucheville aside, Happy New Year, to you to Nonnie! You bring the smiles, smarts, and proper snark! Love you back! 😀

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