Hobo America
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When times are tight, you hafta give up the little things.

….like state-sponsored killing.

Executions are down 12% in 2010.

Yay, the upside of America being a brokeass!   Racially disproportionate executions take a modest holiday!

The United States is experiencing a shortage of the lethal injection drug, sodium thiopental, and we’re too poor to buy more.

Arizona imported some from the UK, but the UK isn’t exactly thrilled to provide the drug since they abolished the death penalty.

Jesus Christ!  We can’t even manufacture this!  Must the world make everything for our spoiled asses?!

Five states postponed or canceled executions in the last year.



32 thoughts on “Hobo America: Can’t Afford to Kill

  1. “Hello?”
    “I would like to buy some sodium thiopental please.”
    “Golly, what for?”
    “Randon stuff… like… perfume… windshield liquid… industrial soap…”
    “Mrs. Brewer, is that you again? Please stop calling.”

    Why not doing like China? Shooting down the prisoner and charge the bullets to the family.

  2. governor chris christie, strategerizing on how to get the entire fundie/teabagger vote, has promised to travel from state to state and sit on each convicted prisoner. he hates staying in new joisey anyway.

  3. I want in.
    …”cutting people on transplant lists to buy poison to kill more people”…

    So they’re hitting from both sides?
    Everyone screaming go green and global warming.
    think: recycle
    why cant the PTB get all the crackmethcocaineheroinLSDmagicmushroomswhateverthefuck and send it to one of those special labs that no one can remember the location of and come up with something a little better.just mix the shit in some big vats,and some other secret shit -just to make it interesting-space for evidence goes down,the labs can get the transplant folks squared away,the system gets more room to move people to the head of the line,and iffin that don’t work,rope is re useable.

  4. Sad footnot on the shortage. The Republican of Texas was bragging just as I was leaving in October, about the massive amount of death juice they have on hand. For some reason, this gives me a mental picture of a railroad tank car on a siding right next to the death house in Huntsville. Like Ron White once said: “You don’t get a last meal in Texas, they have a buffet”.

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