Some neighbors have Type A personalities.

I live on a mountain.  It’s mine.  I live at the top…like a proper princess.  Do you know I had to walk down the mountain to take this picture for you?  This is love.

Some neighbors have Type B personalities.

Across the street from the overachieving neighbors lives the Clown family.  Nice people.  Fine.  Got my photo.  Now I have to walk up the mountain.  Crap.  It’s really cold outside.

These are the lovable crazy neighbors not to be confused with the just plain crazy ones.

Half way up the mountain, I have to take this picture.  These people miss no opportunity to light up their home and display hideous, gaudy, gigantic kitsch.   No holiday is too insignificant.  Every time I walk or drive by this home, I smile or laugh.  Thank you, neighbors! 🙂


36 thoughts on “Christmas on Happy Street

  1. the gaudy houses are worth looking at, if only to make the ‘ditto’ sign even more hilarious! 😆

    you live on a mountain? i thought you lived in a tower, and your children climbed down your hair when they had to leave.

    merry xmas, m’lissa, to you and your family and all the lovely people who stop by here (and jean-philippe, too 😉 )

    • Well. The tower is on the mountain, but everything else is true.

      The “ditto” was the reason for this season. Seriously. I love those people…I don’t even know them (I usually don’t go down that side of the mountain). 🙂

  2. Happy Holidays M’llisa! Glad to see things are going OK here at WCP and my appologies for not saying hi sooner. Bur caught up now at HR and getting back in touch with everybody. Funny piece! I have a big hill behind me now with one of those guys living up there (our “hills” out here in the Sierra would be major mountains else where). Will visit more soon and get caught up on things and now I can SEE the videos with the new modem. Glad to hear you are dealing with the Rapunzel complex in a positive way, bur it must be a bitch to find good rampion down there in Alabama.

    • Hi, Demo! So glad you stopped by!

      You’re in the Sierras? I’m too jealous. I used to hike there when I could. Beautiful country. I live on an anthill by comparison in the foothills of the Appalachians. Enjoy your holiday. 😀

  3. Québec suburbs can be brighter at night than in the day. Long, boring winter, so it seems that a lot of people like to turn their front yard into Santa’s HQ.

    Then they see the electric bill and cry.

    • We have rain and snowflakes, Jean-Philippe. 🙂 It’s maybe 36 degrees. It’s good it’s not snowing. Southerners lose their minds with snow. All of the bread and milk vanishes from the store shelves.

      Enjoy your day!

  4. Mountain girl, eh? I seem to remember Latka Gravis had some sort of prejudice against mountain girls, or maybe it was flatlander girls.

    Oh, well, mountain or no, you is da Queen of Cookieland!

  5. snowed on Christmas.still on the ground,car is froze shut.computer says 25 degrees.Walked to the store earlier for dogfood-not paying 8 dollars for a bag of cat food when I can spend 4 on 2 big cans of alpo.whiney little bastards can eat it or starve.Still cold and snow on the ground.Enough to enjoy the look on their little faces when they are hurled into the snow for the first time.
    Alpo dog food-4.26
    Air for Juniors bike tires-.1.00
    2 hot chocolates-3.21
    seeing the look on the faces of my kittens when they hit the snow for the first time and can’t get it off themselves fast enough-priceless

  6. this is the first time I have ever done that.I have heard that before.However I would never let my babies starve and it is something I too, frown upon.They did turn their nose up at the dry cat food today.They get straight tuna and left overs usually if we forget their food.

    • For what it’s worth, I’ve always fed my guys the best stuff I could afford (I had thirteen, now down to five), and recently I took them off dry food completely, feeding them Wellness canned food. I rarely find cat barf anymore, and they’re sleeker and healthier looking than ever, with more energy and interest.

      I’d just add that tuna is not a good idea if fed with any regularity. And stay away from salmon, except for a rare treat. Both can cause urinary problems. From what I’ve learned, any diet composed largely of fish/fish products is not a good thing.

  7. Hi Melissa!

    Thanks for the interesting snapshots. What a wonderful time of the year! Hope all is well high atop your mountain ’cause you deserve it. Have a great week! Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!

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