Yay, snow! Booooo, cold!

Lagniappe is New Orleans talk for bonus or extra.  Hoover, Alabama might get snow!!!! 🙂

Yay!  There’s not much crap news today!

It’s funny to see Sarah Palin revealing herself as so completely stupid again.

I plan to do more reading than writing the next few days, but I want to wish everyone hearts, hugs, smiles, bubble gum, sugar, bubbles, fairies, COOKIES!, stars, rainbows, kittens, and puppies!

…And I hope everyone gets laid for Christmas. 😀


36 thoughts on “Holiday Lagniappe

    • Joyeux Noel, Frank! My neighbors have inspired me to do a post tonight. I have to wait for sunset though to get the photos. It will be awesome. Oh, yes. It will be awesome. 😀

  1. Belated Holiday Greetings too. I wish that you and the kids could make my New Year music fest, jazz readily available. Found a first class classical station out of Sacramento with a Sonora booster station (mountains, you know). Hope the recital went well and will say one more time how fortunate you are to be blessed with talented musical kids!

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