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One-man death panel, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), (a motherfucking doctor) will block life-saving aid to 9-11 first responders who suffer from exposure to deadly toxins because of rescuing imperiled Americans. (Source) Colburn wants to protect the American companies that outsource jobs from taxes.

I hope he shits his pants at the airport when he heads home to Oklahoma for Christmas.  I hope he experiences rectal incontinence for the rest of his selfish, loathsome life.  (And what the fuck is up with the Wolf Blitzer stunt double look?)

In other news, son of his own sister, Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS) tries takebacks on saying how awesome the white supremacists of Yazoo City were in keeping violence out of his segregated town.  (Source)

Let Governor Barbour’s bowels seize up with such an enduring, constipating ferocity that when he makes his announcement to run for president, he explodes in a shit bomb all over his shabby, bigoted supporters.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ)-OMG. He objects to the Suicide Prevention Bill for the military.

“Got PTSD?  Fuck you!” –Senator John McCain, sufferer of PTSD.

Bonus evil: This man makes me momentarily ambivalent about the death penalty.


28 thoughts on “Evil Douchebag Parade on Steroids

  1. Damn … you’ve had one of those days. The bill for 9-11 responders is a no-brainer, which means the idiots are arguing about stuff they want to attach to the bill.

    As for Gov Barbour, there goes his bid … although I didn’t think he had a chance. As for Senator Crankypants … I’ve simply stopped listening to him – thus the same treatment I give my own rep – Mean Jean.

  2. did you see the first responder on countdown tonight? i was in tears (and you know i’m a cold-hearted bitch, and i don’t cry easily). i think that coburn is growing his beard so he can play santa for his grandchildren (who don’t have to worry about getting health care). coburn as santa is like chris christie as spokesman for weight watchers.

    as for that guy in haiti–at least there’s some good news that the american government is not turning a blind eye to men who go overseas to have sex with minors. good on ICE for arresting the asswipe. i hope that makes rushbo very, very nervous, if you know what i mean.

    • That fireman was crying only because he had toxic dust from the WTC in his eyes. It wasn’t genuine sadness, don’t worry.

    • I’ll watch it in a bit. I could use the cry. 😦

      I was looking for a conclusion to this post and popped over to CNN. Child raper was the headline. I only THOUGHT I couldn’t be anymore disgusted.

      The Hindu guy at the convenience store says the world is more evil than good, but apparently we’re on schedule. It’s supposed to be this way. He’s waiting for Vishnu to reincarnate and shake shit up.

      China better not make a law and fuck with Vishnu, or I’ll be forced to write another angry letter. 😉

      • The Western World may very well collapse. That could be Vishnu’s Swiffer job.

        Europe used to be a big, decadent, arrogant Empire. It took a while, but it became a rich continent of beautiful countries.

        Flowers grow on manure…

      • when someone does something bad, i’m going to walk up to them and say vishnu in a very nasty way. it sounds very much like fuck you, but i won’t get arrested for using profanity in public. when vishnu shows up, all those asswipes will realize what i was talking about. 😀

  3. The most striking part of Barbour’s story for me is that if you’re born in a city named Yazoo – DON’T TELL ANYONE about it. Say “some city in Mississippi”.

    About McCain: what about a suicide promotion bill for outdated, rotting senators?

    When is the “let’s define rock bottom” contest supposed to end?

    I don’t want to brag but I found a solution for all 3 problems:

    OK. I like bragging.

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