Yay, Alabama...Clean water...maybe.

The Environmental Working Group releases the first nationwide study evaluating the presence of hexavalent chromium in drinking water around America.   Thirty-one of 35 cities tested have chromium-6 on tap.

Hack. Choke! Cough…a carcinogen!

Forbes Magazine says my city is among the best for water quality, but Birmingham is listed with Miami which is poisonous.

Hack. Choke! Cough…a carcinogen!

Hmmm, Forbes puts corporate interests first.  Maybe hexavalent chromium tastes great!  More business for oncologists and funeral directors!

Yay, capitalism!

74 million Americans sip, gulp, and swallow poison tap water in 42 states. The EWG admonishes the EPA to move quickly on establishing a legal Chromium-6 limit and require testing public water suppliers.

Sucks to live here:

1. Norman, Oklahoma
2. Honolulu, Hawaii
3. Riverside, California
4. Madison, Wisconsin
5. San Jose, California
6. Tallahassee, Florida
7. Omaha, Nebraska
8. Albuquerque, New Mexico
9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10. Bend, Oregon
11. Salt Lake City, Utah
12. Ann Arbor, Michigan
13. Atlanta, Georgia
14. Los Angeles, California
15. Bethesda, Maryland
16. Phoenix, Arizona
17. Washington, D.C.
18. Chicago, Illinois
19. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
20. Villanova, Pennsylvania
21. Sacramento, California
22. Louisville, Kentucky
23. Syracuse, New York
24. New Haven, Connecticut
25. Buffalo, New York
26. Las Vegas, Nevada
27. New York, New York
28. Scottsdale, Arizona
29. Miami, Florida
30. Boston, Massachusetts
31. Cincinnati, Ohio (Sorry, Frank 😦 )


25 thoughts on “Yay, No Government Regulations: We love poison water!

  1. Hey! Do you thinks it’s easy for us being the boss of the whole wide world? Well, do you?

    (Hi, China. You look very handsome today. My, what gigantic penises all of your men have. Women, too! Good job!)


  2. Hi Melissa!

    Always thought the one thing we could always count upon not being taxed, regulated, etc. was the air we breathe. Soooo, because it’s “free”, it’s okay for 74 million people to endure toxics instead of clean air?! The EPA needs to take action pronto!

    Have a great week…safe travels & Merry Christmas!

  3. Ecology Fun Fact- we got the very first environmental law back in 1851 when the use of high pressure water hoses for gold mining was banned in the Sierra Nevada western slopes, especially around Columbia. Seems the practice fouled the streams and sent major sediment into the navigable rivers. Fucking liberals!

      • Hi there M’llisa! This is my left coast alias while using sis’s notepad. Still waiting on modem upgrade for the old Dell, but now I can see the videos!!! Didn’t mean to relagate WCP to second place, but I had to get my HR archive reading up to date so Nonnie will pay me internet bucks. Now I gotta get caught up here on all these swell stories. And when summertime rolls around, I won’t mention too much it get down to 60 at night here in the Sierra.

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