Broadcast and cable news are so pathetic, I have to get the story from a comedian. Jon Stewart delivers…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Republican Christmas with evil, two-headed baby jesus in the manger of conservative prosperity is so sacred that the GOP in the Senate filibustered extending health care to 911 responders suffering from bizarre work-related illnesses.  These devout conservatives felt working for the good of patriots would desecrate the holy celebration.

Now…the House passed the bill.  The House has been the bitchinest feature of the 111th Congress in spite of the mangy, heart-wormed blue dogs (may they rest in frozen hell with Dante’s Satan).

How do Republicans sleep at night?  They dream of counting the money they save denying life to the sick, shelter for the homeless, and food for the hungry.

Mother fuckers.


69 thoughts on “Stewart Honors 9/11 Responders as Republicans Leave Them to Die

  1. It really confuses my feed when you post something dated Sunday when it’s Saturday… 😉

    I don’t know what to think of Stewart’s move.

    On one side, that’s absolutely the right thing to do.

    On the other side, this whole issue is SO OBVIOUS that spending time on this only acknowledges the right for the GOP to be insane.

    It’s like holding a conference with 10,000 experts to state if Hitler was evil.

    • Well, I know the suffering you go through in Canada to get good health care. You have to be a Canadian. 🙂

      You should be proud. 🙂

      see how shamelessly I steal your jokes without conscience

      Stewart made everyone see their faces, see how human they are, how they retain their humor and dignity in spite of the Republican plan to demoralize them and their lives and their heroics as shit.

      • see how shameful I am that I don’t remember making that joke 😉

        It’s amazing to me that we built the Egypt pyramids what 5000 years ago and today we are wondering if the 9/11 first responders shoud be entitled to some kind of heathcare…

    • wow! i’m surprised shep smith is still employed! i agree wholeheartedly with every word he said, but you’ll notice that he never said that it was the rethugs who were holding things up, not the dems. i don’t think there’s even one dem who would vote against the bill. how many rethugs did chris wallace take to task on this issue during his many interviews? i don’t watch faux, but i’d venture a guess and say zero. it’s not “politicians” who are holding things up, it’s “rethuglicans” who are killing these people by denying them the means to get their lives extended.

      • and just one more thing–where are the fucking teabaggers? why aren’t they covering the mall with signs declaring their righteous indignation? why aren’t they all over tv decrying the injustice being done to people who are truly brave, unlike the faux heroes they adore? i have to stop, because i am so fucking pissed off right now. 😳

  2. Republicans can sleep at night because they are for the most part narcissistic sociopaths who value ideology and money over people. What they don’t realize is that their great hero, Lincoln, is probably so pissed at them that he can’t sleep at night anymore because he’s rolling over in his grave.

  3. “How do Republicans sleep at night? They dream of counting the money they save denying life to the sick, shelter for the homeless, and food for the hungry.”

    And they’ll go to church this Christmas praying for peace in the world,
    while an Arizona father lies in bed, dying because he was denied a kidney transplant,
    while the rich oppressors do no good with their money this season,
    while another middle class become poor person can’t buy gifts for his children this Xmas.

    I doubt that the carol is true about the baby Jesus “no crying he makes.” In any case, I’m sure Jesus will be crying this Christmas.

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