Old Lady:10 Criminal: 0
Senior Citizen kicks this loser’s ass.

Finally…something goes right in the world.

A 71 year old woman is recovering after she beat the living fuck out of the man who tried to rape her.

Senior power!

The Kansas woman used a frying pan to overcome her attacker, Kevin Scott Funderburk.

(Douchebag name)

Police responded and found the 25 year old man knocked out and lying in a puddle of his own vomit in the victim’s home.  He had to have his head wounds stapled together at the hospital.

I hope it hurt.

Funderburk gained access to the elderly woman’s home by saying he was homeless and had nowhere else to go.

Now he has somewhere to go: jail.



8 thoughts on “Old Lady Beats Rapist Unconscious

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder to defend yourself from a back door visit in jail when you’re wearing a neck collar…

    This guy is lucky I’m not a judge.

  2. After just reading Noonie’s about Palin’s hunting skills, this story made me smile … well, so did the other one as I appreciate every mistake she makes. Nonetheless, long live the frying pan as a weapon of need.

  3. I’ve always said an iron skillet will cure wife beaters and rapists. Every. Single. Time. And MeMaw here has proven that to be the absolute truth. Bless her soul and that iron skillet 🙂

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