There’s no reason I should have to experience the bizarre alone.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin traded in his Dmitry Medvedev puppet strings for a microphone at a St. Petersburg charity event.

Sorry, I don’t want to hear Putin singing he found his thrill on Blueberry Hill. Gross. He’s creepy.

Maybe Blueberry Hill is code for thumbs up on poisoning Litvinenko or billions in hidden assets.

This story better not bring me the Russian sp@m linkers or I will force them to eat their own putrid cuisine.

No. I would not like a sip of polonium vodka, thank you.


40 thoughts on “Putin on the Ritz

  1. WTF? And why are those Hollywood jackasses grinning and singing along? I know actors have a rep for being dumb, but appearing at anything with him is shameful. Wait, don’t tell me…they must have looked into his eyes like Shrub did…

    • Maybe it’s manchurian code to fuck with Kim Jong Il. “When you hear me singing “Blueberry Hill,” burn the monkey suit and wear a pink ballerina tutu.” This I would appreciate. This would make me smile for a lifetime. 😉

  2. I’m hoping for a new post from you. Even though your title is classic, (which I will likely use with credit), but this video still creeps me out a bit. To top it off, CNN just showed it …. of course you were a day ahead of them 🙂

  3. Comrade Putin shouldn’t quit his day job. Of course, if he’s bored he could always give Sarah Palin a call, and wage a contest about who can see who first from their respective vantage points in Alaska and Russia. Hopefully, he won’t wear too much of a disguise ’cause Sarah Palin won’t factor that kind of sophistication into the equation…

    Hi Melissa!

    Another excellent thread! Have a great week!

    God, please spare us Republicans in 2012 from a presidential-ticket lead by, gulp, Sarah Palin…PLEASE!!!!

    • It’s gentleman blogger, Al! 😀

      You want Sarah Palin. You want Sarah Palin. You want Sarah Palin. You want Sarah Palin. You want Sarah Palin.

      Those are my Jedi powers. How’d I do? Countdown to the holidays. 😀

  4. LMAO, I like the comparision with the Bed Intruder guy.. Politicians are essentially amusers.. So, they have to get creative in keeping up with our short attention spans, so there you go 😉

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