Sticking It To Poor People
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“All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind.”  Joseph Conrad, preface to The Nigger of Narcissus

Conrad’s novella is an apt metaphor, my God!  The suffering of the economically frail will be exacerbated by maniacal yet pure avarice thanks to the 111th Jellyfish Congress and the devil’s deal brokered with Republicans.

In fact, the only groups likely to face a tax increase are those near the bottom of the income scale — individuals who make less than $20,000 and families with earnings below $40,000.”  Jason Linkins, Huffington Post

Well, blow me over with a squirrel fart of mother fucking irony.

That’s how you treat people when they’re down.  Kick them in the teeth.  After all, they cannot afford food.  They don’t need their teeth.

What, Senator Mary Landrieu? You’re so far up the butt of big business (posing as small business) I can barely hear you.  Nice of you to come out for air though.

Lose the “almost,” and the senator is right.  This is morally corrupt.  Because it looks like the poor will be funding the tax breaks for the middle class and wealthy.  Here’s the check list from Linkins article:


  • Wealthiest earners, no new taxes
  • Wealthiest 1%, no new taxes
  • $110,000 wage earner, safe
  • Six-figure income earners, untouchable
  • Estates greater than $5 million, keep their money

Cue Bastard Fairies:


40 thoughts on “Ya Ass is Broke. And Your Taxes are Going up!

  1. this just makes me want to puke…what a bunch of spineless bastards the Dems and Obama are. And not that it’s news, but the Reps should be ashamed of themselves…oh right, I forgot, they’re politicians, they have no shame. The biggest puzzle to me is that the majority of Rep. voters don’t see this as something that will harm them…I just can’t wrap my head around that. Are they all that stupid? All I can hope is that Rep and Dem voters alike remember this the next time elections roll around…but that’s not something I’ll hold me breath for.
    Loved Jon Stewart last night when John Oliver compared the trickle down theory to a golden shower! Hilarious! And sadly, so true…

  2. This is just despicable. Why am I not even surprised?? I have had it with politics. Neither side cares about the people and I am just repulsed by the lot of them.

    • Do you know why the President is only lashing out at Democrats? Because they’re such easy targets. If he levels his anger at Republicans, they’ll fight back and he’ll be so scared he’ll have to reinstitute torture, declare war with false reasons, reruin the economy, and dismantle health care himself to make them happy again..

      And btw, it doesn’t matter if tax cuts for the rich is horrible for the economy because Republicans want it. 😡

      • The dems truly are easy targets. What a bunch of wusses. They all nauseate me. Why can’t they figure out how to get their message out to the general public???

        It is pretty ridiculous that the Republicans campaigned on fiscal responsibility, but they don’t give a crap how much these tax cuts add to the deficit. Guess it only matters if it’s something the Democrats want.

  3. The White House either underestimated or ignored the economic problem the previous two years … thus now will settle on whatever deal they can get. Interestingly, the GOP has now signed on to a stimulus (in their words “socialism”) and unemployment extension (socialism again).

    I’ve said this before, but if I could hit a button to remove everyone from Capitol Hill I would use it.

  4. A herd of poop dancing around a poor Irish kid is such a great allegory of Washington.

    Is it me or Landrieu looks like she was Hillary’s angry sister who never got laid?

  5. Curse you, google translate!! :o)

    “She does” can’t be literally translated. Doesn’t make sense. You can say:

    a) Elle l’est (closest but doesn’t sound too well
    b) C’est vrai
    c) En effet
    d) Tellement! (sounds teenish)

    I’m glad I’m not a professional translator. It’s frustrating to see things can’t always be properly translated.

      • I’m afraid it doesn’t translate. Fuck doesn’t have a proper equivalent. Even if people in France worked hard on that issue. They made a lot of curse words about… to remain elegant: “george michael activities”.

        Here in Québec most of our curse words are about church.

        So, in France, you would say:

        “Enculée de grammaire”


        “Putain de règles!” (putain (whore) is the most popular curse word in France. I think it’s horrific to use women as curse words. I used to use it. I stopped more than 10 years ago. sometimes when I’m really mad it gets back.)

        In Québec, you would say “Calice!” or “Tabarnak!”

        Or if you’re very mad “Hostie de calice de tabarnak de ciboire de criss!!!”

        People will know how you feel. Trust me. “Merde” (shit) is also a big seller.

  6. There are great things to do with our curse words. You can use them as verbs, adjectives, adverbs… I’ll teach you someday. 😛

  7. I know. We’re fucked up.

    But, I almost forgot, we use fuck.

    We can say “C’est fucké” (it’s fucked up)

    “T’es en train de la fucker” (no, don’t touch the coffee machine). We love that one.

    And if you go for the classic F.Y., everybody is going to get the message.

      • nice, paris, marseilles–i don’t think it matters which city it is, it’s probably pronounced the same. then again, i haven’t spoken french since high school, so what do i know? 😛

        • Pareeee, Mar-say, and neece. I carried on with French in college, and I had a spectacular professor. But the last time I spoke French out loud to someone was to Kay-beck tourists in Florida. 😀

      • C’est fucké (it’s messed up) is indeed pronounced “SAY FUCK-AY”

        Verry, verry useful to complain about something that doesn’t work properly.

      • That’s the fun of it. It’s not very offensive. Like 25% of what it is for you. So if a French complain next to a fellow English about “la machine à fax qui est toute fuckée”, the French may not understand with the English is offended… 🙂

        • But then, we also can go for the convenient “you” afterwards and then we mean to be offensive.

          The equivalent of “FY” in French is either:

          “Mange d’la marde” (eat s**t. it should say merde but the a means the person is very angry)

          “Va donc chier” (go take a dump. very offensive)

          And the more European

          “Va te faire enculer” (go ask someone to do to you what’s illegal in Alabama)

          All of the above shouldn’t be said to your boss or anyone who ever saw a Karate Kid movie.

  8. A wise man once said:
    The English language is a wall between you and I.
    The word “FUCK” is my chisel.

    And the video is FUCKING PRICELESS!!!

    • Too funny! If the anchor had read his script properly as he is paid to do, he would have known the Dumb and Dumber clip was meant to introduce a story on digestive problems. Maybe the anchor was inflicted with explosive diarrhea before his show, and this is why he didn’t do his job. Or he’s lazy.

      • I now found the purpose of my life:

        1. Take a 2 weeks vacation
        2. Be hired as a temp at CNN.
        3. Segment prank
        4. Be fired from CNN.
        5. End of 2 weeks vacation.

        • Once my friend had to read a serious, sad story about something to do with Mexican nationals in America. There was a dog in the studio because after the commercial my friend would make a plea to the community to adopt this homeless puppy. Well, during the serious story, the dog was farting loudly and she laughed all of the way through the sadness…which made her her look like an uncaring asshole. 😆

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