Fun With Plato
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One time, I grounded my son and made him read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in The Republic.

Parenting: Phenomenal Cosmic Power!

My own reaction to Wikileaks’ revelations reminded me of taking exception to Plato’s solution for the Cave.

My view: blow the mother-fucking roof off the cave and let the sunshine in!!!

Assange has done the world a favor (The Atlantic).  Yeah, the puppeteers are foaming at the mouth and trying to gin up mobs to act against their own interests.


Puppet shows aren’t much fun without an audience.  It’s true…unless you’re watching the show from the hole at the top of the cave.

But we are not the pussies Jack Nicholson assumes we are in A Few Good Men.

We can handle the truth.  Move forward.  Try to be better.

The way the lip-flapping sissy fucktards on TV talk, we have to sacrifice the First Amendment for Security…

…because we are mindless pussies.


Nobody has stepped forward and proved Assange a liar.  Can we say as much about politicians?  Knowing is always better than not knowing.

CBS did a fair report.

But this is awesome…Ron Paul says of Julian Assange…”In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble.”

Update: Senator Mitch McConnell confesses he’s a big ol’ pussy. Terrorism is by definition a calculated effort by a small group to inspire fear.  And McConnell admits Assange has made him piss his suit.


14 thoughts on “Assange Makes Ninnies of the Press et al.

  1. It is ironic that the ones acting like the people in the cave are more like the rocks making the cave, blocking its host from the light. Politicians aren’t pissed at Assange because they didn’t know what he leaked. They’re pissed because WE didn’t.

    But are WE feeling anything besides amusement?

    • Excellent observation about the rocks. Huckabee and Palin are at least half stone.

      It’s really funny watching morons demand treason charges against a non-American. I’m sure the calls for assassination scare the fuck out of Assange though. Rightly. Stupid people with power are scary.

      To call wikileaks terrorism is nicely Orwellian.

      • I’m not sure if the CIA can intimidate people after failing to get/kill Bin Laden. As if they can’t even catch a cold. Maybe they can ask BP ingeniors to build a device to block Wikileaks?

        • Assange is their strawman. If they beat him up, and he is a bit waify…they’ll feel competent. Bin Laden has made monkeys of them all with his super invisibility cloak.

            • Thank you for liking the way I think, Al. I majored in thinking (philosophy) back in college. While it doesn’t pay well (thinking), I do have fun. 😀

              You have a great week, too. And get yourself laid for the holidays! Why not. When I’m philosopher king, I’ll mandate it. Then the world will be less cranky.

  2. the rethugs are so full of shit. i don’t recall any of them wringing their hankies when scooterpie libby outed an active cia agent. what assange leaked is really just gossip for the most part and only caused embarrassment. what libby and rove leaked might have cost lives.

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