Assange's Tale of
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Set aside your preconceived notions of Swedish women being promiscuous and walking around naked all the time…even though these particular chicks don’t really contradict that.

I was tired of media accounts dancing around the details of the accusations of rape leveled at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.   Rape is extremely serious.

If you’re going to damage a man’s reputation forever, be right.

I think the line that finally pissed me off was along the lines of “consensual sex with two women in four days.”

That’s a cad, not a crime.

Slate named a charge unique to Sweden, “Sex by Surprise,” But rape is also one of the charges.

The Daily Mail’s account has most of the details, and it doesn’t make anybody sound squeaky clean.  Chick A invited Assange to stay at her apartment while he was in Sweden for a lecture/seminar.   She wasn’t going to be home anyway. (She worked for the company hosting the seminar.)  She came back earlier than she said she would (allegedly) in preparation for the event.  That put her and Assange under the same roof.  And they slept together.

Chick B’s story sounds like a groupie.  She went to the seminar to meet her hero with hopes of an encounter and got her encounter.  She invited him to her home.

Chick B wanted more contact after sleeping with him.

Call me. Sure, baby. He didn’t call back.

Chick B then contacts Chick A (who she met at the seminar), and they compare notes.

Warning!  Warning!  Danger, Will Robinson!

Chick A says condom broke.  Chick B says condom came off, and he didn’t stop.

Chicks A and B head to the police station for advice.


Really?  In the United States this isn’t rape.  If the condom (ahem) events, were on purpose.  He’s a definitely a creeper.

Pssst. Ladies, creepers are what you get when you sleep with someone you don’t know.

If there was an STD or HIV transmission, it sounds like a minimum of assault, but HELL if they’re going to prove he messed with condoms on purpose unless an army of one-night-stands marches forward with the same story.

Maybe they have a reckless penis wielding charge in Sweden.


28 thoughts on “Assange’s Tale of Two Swedies

  1. Bouncing post… 🙂

    Too bad Assange isn’t a woman.

    Instead of these rape allegations, she would be known as the “Wikileaks nympho” and wouldn’t be running away from the law. And receiving the Nobel of peace in 2011.

    And this would an inspiration for a lot of porn.

  2. I think the line that finally pissed me off was along the lines of “consensual sex with two women in four days.”

    That sounds like fun to me. I’m not sure how anybody could view it any other way.

    • Hi, Tom. Thanks for joining in. 🙂

      He seems like he’s enjoying his celebrity and playing James Bond. Big deal. Nobody has said Assange is a big, fat liar, and that seems a helluva lot more important.

  3. God: “You’ll sleep but two hot swedies in one week”

    Assange: “Awesome!!! Yeah!!!”

    God: “But then all every Russian spy will intend to kill you”

    Assange: “What else do you have?”

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