Rep. Steve King on Slave Reparations
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Poor Representative Steve King can’t own people.  Sadz.

Remember when Ronald Reagan eliminated the Civil Rights division at the Department of Agriculture and blatantly paved the way for thousands of black farmers to lose their land?  And then they did lose their land?

And I’m with this guy on Reagan.

Here’s a bit of background.

The courts ruled in favor of black farmers when they sued.  And such was the volume of affected black farmers, a second round of claims was allowed to be made.

That’s some of the history.  Talking Points Memo details even more.  Shirley Sherrod, the fired-then-vindicated former employee of the USDA, was a claimant in one of the black farmers lawsuits.

Representative Steve King (R-IA) seized the opportunity to demonize Sherrod and the rest of the black farmers before all of the facts about Breibart’s manipulation of the video came out:

Shirley Sharrod fired by Vilsack 4 racism in her USDA position.  America needs to know that, not all, but billion$ of Pigford Farms is fraud. (Twitter)

King’s tweet signals…look at the blacks rippin’ off us hard-working white folks.

NOW, this bigoted mother fucker is equating the settlement with black farmers (and Native Americans) with slave reparations:

We’ve got to stand up at some point and say, ‘We are not gonna pay slavery reparations in the United States Congress.’ That war’s been fought.


“They’re just filing a claim because they think they can get away with it.”

Wow.  And I mean WOW.  I mean if you put yourself in Steve King’s frame of crazy, saying black farmers equal slaves, aren’t you saying they deserved losing their land and they don’t deserve to have injustice rectified. Black Wednesdays as policy at the USDA was legit, mother fuckers. I mean, pfft. they were just black.

Trying to understand crazy is crazy-making itself.

And WTF is up with Obama is very, very urban? Is that bigot code talk for black? Everybody knows he’s black.


27 thoughts on “Rep. Steve King is very pissed that He Can’t Own Slaves.

  1. One might cynically suspect that ‘urban’ means big, mean, ugly, lazy, shiftless black man, though the people who think such things in the Republican Party don’t use the clumsy phrase ‘black man’. They use a single word, two syllables, rhymes with chigger.

    That said, I think the Democrats should sell Obama to Steve King. He’s no good to the Democrats or the Progressives as he has betrayed his original promise and promises, and continually sells out to his opponents by conceding fights before they even begin. He’s not very good at his job, having failed daily to understand why he was sent to the White House in the first place.

    In the event that Mr. King does buy Mr. Obama, the FBI can then arrest Mr. King for slavery, thus getting him out of the picture, and Mr. Obama will of course no longer be President, so we will have removed two useless birds with one fell swoop.

      • Even so, the guy’s a big disappointment in too many ways.

        Okay, I’m off topic somewhat. I think I’m just so pissed that Obama had this dumbass meeting with the Rethug leaders and came out talking like it’s all hunky-dory, again, while the thugs came out flinging the same anti-Obama bullshit they’ve been hurling for the last two years. The guy just won’t stand up to them. I used to think that maybe he was going to ju-jitsu them, or Godfather them (keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer), but not so. He’s just going to let them kick him around and kick the country around. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who didn’t vote for Obama and the Dems to spend four years kissing Rethug butts.

  2. “STAND UP to tell the n*** to shut the f*** up about slavery???”

    STAND UP???

    Every Afro-American should be allowed to give this [I won’t write the word] a kick in the crotch.

    How come so many people compete for the worst quote of the year… !!

        • Yes, well, if black people bitch, they’re called scary.

          If black people bring up those statistics, they’re political activists. They really are just fucked.

          And while I’m shooting straight, down here in Alabama, my being bitchy about the predicament black people are in, makes me “worse than black” to some twisted fucks. It makes me godless, it makes me a baby-killer (in spite of a litter that proves otherwise). It’s just the worst sort of irrational bullshit.

              • Suddenly my mind pictures how Fox News would picture the Rosa Parks event if it took place today. Or nail Lincoln for being Anti-American, or calling on retaliation for Custer’s death… Thank God they can’t screw up the past… Only the present. Big time.

  3. unfortunately, racism is something I don’t think will ever go away..if not against blacks, then some other group…and not just in America, the rest of the world too. we can only hope they continue to expose themselves by their moronic statements, and that a majority of the voting public pays attention and sends them back where they came from.
    re. Obama & the Dems, they all need to grow a set …VERY disappointing

    • You’re right. And you’re right. 🙂

      Can you believe The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss put the absurdity of racism in perspective for me. I’d seen and heard racist stuff as a kid but didn’t have a word for it except mean. The Sneetches illustrate the big picture and all the ridiculous excuses people make to essentially say, I am better than you.

  4. if steve the king of insanity wants to bitch about farmers and wasted money, why doesn’t he ask his buddy, michele batshit bachmann, to give back the million bucks in farm subsidies her family has received. he might mention that to chuck grassley, too, as well as a few other d.c. welfare queens.

  5. Melissa, as usual you nailed it. But I have to say, my first thought when I saw your headline was, “How can we [you & me] STILL be doing this?” I mean, we must be gluttons for punishment … I really thought I’d be able to quit altogether at some point, but “crazy” just won’t go away, will it?? Dammit ….

  6. Treating a person like shit because he’s black is wrong.

    Treating a person like shit because he’s white is wrong.

    Treating any group of people like shit because of their race is wrong.

    How do Democrats get baffled by such an easy concept? Because they want to be racist, so they make up a lot of shit to justify their ways. Hence, “look, there’s a poor unfortunate black person. Let’s go punish a white person to balance it out!” You see, to a Democrat, the only response to racism is more racism, because it’s all about the percentages, baby!

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