Sarah the Narcissist
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That headline is for you, Sarah Palin.  Cuz it’s all about you.  No really.  It is.

Sarah Palin swipes at First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign.

I guess because Bristol Palin “moved” a lot on DWTS and blossomed to full heifer.

Sarah Palin is mad that Obama doesn’t get picked on for misspeaking like she does.

Well. Sarah Palin, you’re an idiot.  Idiots (especially media-whore idiots) are suspect.  You’ve earned the scrutiny.

When Obama addresses 57 states, regular people think, “Oh. He misspoke.”  Obama doesn’t have a history of making moronic statements; therefore, there’s no reason to investigate whether or not he believes there are 57 states.  He’s given the benefit of the doubt.  Palin, on the other hand, has never inspired confidence with her intellect.  In fact, she’s pretty much an international joke:

The geographically-challenged Sarah Palin is always good for a few laughs. But when she mixes up a nuclear-armed rogue North Korea with America’s ally South Korea, people should be afraid, very afraid. In the recent trouble between the Koreas, our Sarah made no bones about how the US should stand with its North Korean allies. When corrected, she amended it to, ‘And we’re also bound by prudence to stand by our South Korean allies, yes.’ Not just the Americans, but the North Koreans must be terrified of Sarah becoming the main woman in the US and mistaking their beloved leader Kim Jong-Il for Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City. Anything is possible with a woman who could call feminists a cackle of rads and who called upon peaceful Muslims to ‘refudiate’.”  —“She’s Dubya’s Double,”  Hindustan Times

Conservative David Frum suggests the attention given to Palin is partly “the thrill of impending disaster.”

That and her one savant penchant for self-promotion.


37 thoughts on “Only YOU can Prevent Narcissism

  1. An odd pass we’ve come to when a woman so lacking in wit, so lacking in intelligence, so damned stupid, becomes a serious danger to democracy. Or maybe it’s the other way around: Democracy was in its death throes when she showed up and she’s just riding the death rattle to fame and fortune. She could actually become the very last President of the United States.

  2. Ahhh Sarah…the gift that keeps on giving…If she becomes Pres, I’m moving to Canada…wait…she’s so crazy she just might bomb Canada as well, lol.
    Could you imagine if she and Mc Cain had won? She would have bombed South Korea already thinking they were the enemy.

  3. While barking her way to election failure, Palin to feed her bank account – which in the end is more important to her than being in the White House.

    All of us have slips of the tongue, so I can roll with her Korea slip. But her immediate reaction to it was not excusable.

    I don’t think she’ll get the nomination, but will continue to stay in the news to sell books and get speaking engagements.

    i like this description of her – easy on the eyes, hard on the ears, and utterly painful on the brain.

    • Hi, Frank. 🙂

      For Fox and whatever the cable channel is that did Sarah Palin’s Alaska, it’s probably a break even. They pay her but they’re making money off her. Can we console ourselves that dumb-dumbs are making her rich and not sensible people?

      • I console myself that each dollar she winkles outta the ‘baggers and whatnot is one less going into some more electable GOPer’s war chest.

        Heh. “Winkle”.

        Hope she’s keeping it all herself, sinking it into fences and such; I’d hate to think she’s tithing to that witchfinder-hirin’ congregation up yonder.

  4. Console ourselves? No … but the dumb-dumbs have always been around and will continue … too bad the electronic age amplifies their existence.

    I smiled when I saw Alaska ratings dropped 40% in the second week. Maybe they will drop enough that channels will question future investments.

  5. Be careful what you say about Sarah, she’ll club you like a floundering halibut. The Queen of Mean Girls holds a grudge.

    The thing I don’t get is, you live in Alaska why is your house 20 feet away from your neighbors?

    • I’m speedy. She’d have to catch me first…and I know she doesn’t want to break a heel or run in Spanx.

      And good question. That fence she put up to block out her “stalker” was so trailer trash par excellence. Vintage. Classed up the joint.

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