Father Fiala
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It wasn’t enough for the Reverend John M. Fiala to rape a kid at gunpoint.  After the teenager reported the priest’s crimes to a school official who told law enforcement, Fiala attempted to take a contract out on the boy’s life according to officials in Texas.

This fucker is a proper justification for hell to exist.

Sheriff deputies report Fiala offered an undercover agent $5,000 to murder his accuser.

Edwards County Sheriff Don Letsinger said, “This guy is an evil man.”

Fiala allegedly, repeatedly texted threats to kill his victim if he told anyone and threatened to kill himself  so they could “go to heaven together.”

Sick fuck.

This isn’t the first time Reverend John Fiala has preyed sexually on adolescent boys. Fiala worked in Nebraska in the 80s and 90s.  A minor reported (after Fiala transferred to Texas) that Father Fiala  made an unwanted sexual advances.

And yet he kept his job as a priest.

Wow. Haven’t heard that one before.


19 thoughts on “Rape isn’t Enough, Put a Contract on ’em, too.

  1. Wondering aloud if even God shudders from revulsion at how much is done in his name, and especially in instances like this?! How could anyone entrusted with the care of an innocent child dare mar/inflict such harm, let alone someone who has the audacity to preach about doing good over evil.

    Say, Melissa, THANK YOU for stopping over to my place, and sharing the true meaning of the holiday spirit with me. Someone dear to me left you a follow up message over there, so when you get a chance, please take a couple of minutes and read her follow up…meanwhile, enjoy your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Your family is fortunate to have you, and that includes those curious cats too-inspite of their strong, yet likable personalities you shared here with the rest of us not long ago– HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    • It’s a special brand of depravity to prey on a child’s credulity and trust. Just hideous.

      You’re always so kind. Yay, Al! I got to read and write French today (though I probably messed it up). 🙂

  2. geez, not only is he a perv and an asswipe, but he’s not a very good priest. shit, i’m jewish, and i know that catholics don’t believe you can go to heaven if you commit suicide. oh, and yeah, there’s that whole ‘thou shalt not kill’ thing, too.

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