George Washington agreed to do an interview with longtime friend Larry King to help understand the Fetus in the Jar story detailed in the 43rd President’s new book.

I’m sorry, but it’s just weirder that they played Pass the Expired Fetus.

No surprise that G.W. got the story wrong.

Getting things wrong is a system for him.

When Barbara points out the story was meant to illustrate the specialness of their relationship, I expected her to say she could share something so harrowing with him as losing a child (even if the handling was uber creepy).  Instead she qualified the specialness as ruthless teasing…which verifies the sick shit of passing a dead embryo in a jar to a teenager.

My God!  Gross!

Oh. And rich people always blame the fucking maid.


17 thoughts on “George Bush Misunderremembers the Fetus Story

  1. I refuse to be forced to listen to that psychopathic bitch in order to confirm my intensely low opinion of her sociopathic son and satisfy my friend Melissa’s intense desire to put the psychological truth about these people out there.

    I’d love to see Limbaugh’s housekeeper and Barbie’s maid compare notes.

  2. The whole family is just freaky…and merciless, no surprise there really. After all , if you follow the family’s history from their good ole days as Nazi enablers to where they are now, it reads like a constant horror story.

    • That’s why I went with a horror motif when I first wrote about it. (I’m fancy.) Of course, Frankenmom is grafted on the mutant soul tree, but she’s a good fit (though her cranium is ENORMOUS.)

  3. Yeah, I will never understand this woman, but I cut her some slack after I heard her answer to Larry King asking her about Sarah Palin. “I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful,” Barbara Bush said. “And she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”

    Proclaim it over the airwaves… The Bush Dynasty rejects Palin as a Presidential candidate (unless, of course, she agrees now to put Jeb on the ticket).

      • You called it; Sully reported it. (Sorry, don’t have the URL handy.)

        That said, if she really gave a flip about class warfare, she wouldn’t be championing tax cuts for the rich. She doesn’t want them to cease being snobby; she just wants them to accept her so she can be snobby at others.

  4. in true bush fashion, she blamed the help. ’twas the maid who showed little georgie his endometrial sibling. the maid’s name was paola. that sounds foreign to me. i wonder if she had papers. the real question is why little georgie mistook the maid (who was probably brown like sister-in-law) for his crampy mother.

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