Pope is Dope.
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Pope Benedict XVI changes the subject from filthy, fucking, child molester clergy to male prostitutes using condoms.

Yay, Pope!

In Light of the World, the Holy See pontificates (har, har, har, har) that in light of AIDS, condom use among male prostitutes is “a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility,” because conception isn’t an issue between men.

Big, giant leap forward from Homo sapiens rhodesiensis!

(The other kind of homo.)

Collective Catholic panties have been in a fantastic bunch ever since the excerpts hit the press.

The Pope has not gone so far as to approve this commercial:


22 thoughts on “Pope is Dope?

    • Hard to believe the anti-contraception position is still in place. I’d have 17 kids if I listened to that nonsense.

      The one thing they do right though is charity work. They’re steeped in the crisis in Darfur, administering to HIV positive people across Africa, and to the impoverished around the world. Unlike American charities, there are no screening processes for supposed “worthiness.” Being human is enough.

      • On the other hand there would be considerably fewer HIV positive people in Africa and elsewhere if El Popo had kept his stupid mouth shut and not claimed that condoms don’t stop virus transmission and that nobody should use the damn things anyway. And there would be fewer people living in misery and poverty if there were fewer people because people used condoms.

        The church doesn’t get a pass on charity work for the simple reason that they’ve caused much of the misery at which they aim their charity.

  1. It’s early in the morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet, but I have this wonderful vision of you charging at the Pope, bat in hand, and knocking off his pointy sorcerer’s hat while screaming, “Blingee, blingee!”

    Perhaps it’s too early.

  2. and I see the Vatican going more conservative, thus the next comment won’t be a surprise … but it will be a head shaker. But I did like the part of the commercial with the fondling clean golf balls!

    • Thanks, Frank. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. 😀

      I just shipped the teenagers off with their grandma and grandpa to Florida. I’ll be cooking for the collegiate types this year.

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