Everyone Recoils From Skinny Dick

It’s a thing to behold, isn’t it?

I guess being cut off from fetus smoothies and denied the chance to feed on habeas corpus has taken a toll on the former Vice President Dick Cheney.

You have slain something so pure and defenceless to save yourself and you will have but a half life, a cursed life, from the moment the blood touches your lips.”  (Source)

Cheney was on hand this week for America’s first library devoted exclusively to coloring and pop-up books.

See how I didn’t even blingee or picnik that shit?  Don’t you just kinda keep looking at it thinking, “fu-u-u-u-u-ck.”

The UK shelled out millions this week to victims of Cheney’s Torture program.  The British government prefers hush money rather than rehashing those pesky razor-blade-to-the-penis episodes in open court:


20 thoughts on “Have You Seen Skinny Dick?

      • Not to put too fine a point on it, but those were Americans doing those things to him, and those Americans are the ones that Bush empowered and that Obama refused to investigate and prosecute, preferring to ‘look forward’ while allowing these psychopaths to walk among us as free citizens.

        • Wasn’t trying to obscure anything, so thank you. I don’t know if it’s more disturbing that the sons of bitches who institutionalized torture are still walking around free or that I live in a country where so many people cannot see the abomination torture constitutes.

          • Both counts are profoundly disturbing in equal measure.

            I wonder how many of the Republican ‘family values’ crowd would like to have a couple of these guys sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with them and their children. Come to think of it, given the family values crowd’s values, they’d probably be all proud and blushy. “Here, you want to take my daughter out? She’s got big breasts. All-American sort of girl. Just be home by midnight. Oh, and she’s a little thickheaded, keeps saying how she’s sympathetic to the A-rabs and stuff. Maybe you could learn her about the war effort?”

          • writechic, I live in a country that chose to have a blind eye towards Bush’s America institutionalizing torture. Hell, when they asked for us to turn people over to them, we did! When our troops felt they couldn’t get the need info, they sent prisoners to the Americans for “enhanced interrogation.” I think we should all be ashamed of what happened.

            In Canada, our army general that could not persuade the Canadian government and the UN to intervene and stop the massacre in Rwanada has become an activist against the international use of children as soldiers. In short, Romeo Dallaire makes me proud to be Canadian again. As he is raising awareness, however, our lame pathetic right wing government continues to refuse to intervene in the case of Canadian turned child soldier. Omar Khadr was 15 when enlisted by the Taliban and he’s been held in Guatanamo for 8 years without a trial. The U.S. military court is in the process of giving him a life sentence. And still the Canadian government refuses to speak to the matter.

            During the next international conflict, on what basis can we call upon the international community not to torture and abuse Canadian and American soldiers who become prisoners of war? On what basis can we call upon Darfur to stop enlisting children for battle when we won’t stand up for our own children?

            The shame overwhelms me at times. What have we done? How could we ever have allowed Bush and Cheney to go this far? I’m so profoundly disappointed that we did not have a Prime Minister in Canada with the balls to stand up to Bush and say NO to torture, NO to Guatanamo and NO to unnecessary war.

            If we can’t put Bush and Cheney on trail for their war crimes or their crimes against humanity, could we at least have a heavyweight write a powerful book examining the matter closely and passing judgment on them. Would that be too much to ask for?

            • Ken, I think there is no ‘we’ anymore in America. There is right and left. And the unthinking middle that can be swayed by false promises and psyops advertising.

              I refuse to accept blame for what Bush did, what elements of the country let him do, encouraged him to do. Our voice was taken away from us by a corrupt Supreme Court, by corrupt elections, by corporations, by psyops advertisers, by big money. Those elements have effectively gutted democracy in America, enabled and abetted by a public that is too complacent in its ignorance, too unwilling to deal with facts and evidence, and too feeble-minded to engage in critical thinking.

              I said no to what was happening, over and over again, knowing I had no voice other than my tiny little blog preaching to the choir. Melissa said no, others said no, but we have no real voice in matters of profound concern.

              And on your last point, there have been many books written by knowledgeable, intelligent writers detailing the crimes of the Bush administration. Only the choir reads them. The other side spits on them and laughs at them, while the middle doubts everything, believes little or nothing of what it sees, unless it’s celebrities dancing for dollars or English royalty legitimizing in a wedding eight years of illicit (though I would hope joyful) banging – that they’ll pay attention to.

              I think we have become a stupid country led by fools and will see a civil war again, possibly within my lifetime. That other America, that shining beacon? That’s gone. Reagan began the strangulation, and Bush/Cheney began to drive a stake through its heart the day after September 11.

              Buckle up, Ken. We’re all in for a rough ride.

                • In 1860 it was easier to see the divide because it was aligned with territory. Today the divisions are political, cultural, and socioeconomic ones without territory in large. In small, neighborhood will fight neighborhood in city after city, the poor will fight the police who will fight on behalf of their paymasters, the rich and the corporocracy. One night priests will hang from lampposts, the next night a workers neighborhood will be razed, and the next night a gated community will be invaded and burned and the rich white inhabitants will be slaughtered. And on and on. Congress will fall, the White House will burn, and somehow, sometime, somewhere, the survivors will start over. One might hope they’ll be intelligent and believers in democracy.

            • Hey, Ken. Every day I get hits on this site on Buckshot Bob. That’s what the military nicknamed child soldier Omar Khadr.

              If you have the stomach: https://writechic.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/buckshot-bob-nickname-for-bullet-ridden-guantanamo-prisoner/

              More than half the traffic is global, often from predominantly Muslim nations. I cringe sometimes that it’s me people are visiting to read about torture and I want to take down the pictures, but I leave them up because I believe it’s significant that Americans who know the atrocity torture constitutes speak up and be heard.

  1. Maybe the Dark Father will turn into a pile of dust like guys in the old horror movies do. More likely he will get encased in some sort of device like Davros, creator of the Daleks. That way he can preserve his nasty brand of evil for eternity.

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