I don’t have time to say much but…

U.S. Marshalls have saved your naked pictures and now they’re public!

Let the bitching hit overdrive.


11 thoughts on “Naked X-Ray Scans Leaked to Public (No Shit)

  1. So, the United States Marshals are a bunch of perverts.

    One might object that it was only a handful of rogue marshals in Florida who decided to break the rules and save images. But we obviously have no guarantee that they, like the ‘few bad apples’ at Abu Ghraib who messed with some Iraqis, aren’t representative of the whole system. We know the Abu Ghraib deal went right to the top of the DOD. We would be fair in assuming the same possibility here, that is, the U.S. Marshals are, by official if unwritten and unspoken policy, a bunch of law-breaking perverts.

    And with the Democrats caving left and right to every dogassed, dumbmouthed Republican in the country, we can expect more of this crap. Lots more. Laws, rules, regulations, the Constitution, all are meant to be ignored by Republicans. Soon enough, if you object to having your body scanned and felt up by strangers, you can expect a cattle prod up your ass. It’s the Republican way.

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