An All-American Munsters Sort of Family.

My mom says, “If you marry money, you pay for it.”  I totally fucking get it, Mom!

Former President George W. Fuckup is whoring his new coloring book, The Upside of Failing Like It Ain’t Thang.  So, he’s been dropping chum all week with NBC’s Matt Lauer hoping you’ll be enticed enough to take the bait and help him make respectable sales.

Okay.  He’s doing it because Laura said he had to.

Having no real friends to protect him from coming off as a super eccentric weirdo, he tells this story:

When Barbara Bush miscarried at home, she had young George drive her to the hospital. In her lap, Barbara Bush held a jar containing the remains of the fetus,” George Bush said.

“She says to her teenage kid, ‘Here’s a fetus.’ No question it — that affected me — my philosophy that we should respect life.”

Recalling what he saw in the jar, Bush wrote, “There was a human life, a little brother or sister.”   –The Washington Post

Bush said he included this vignette not to explain how he became anti-freedom of choice but to show his relationship with his mother.

Subtext: She made me a fuckup.

I’m inclined to agree she helped though he had unparalleled opportunities for therapy.


30 thoughts on “Yep. The Bushes Are Just As Fucked Up as You Suspected.

  1. i’m not buying this shit. who, after miscarrying, puts the fetus in a fucking jar to take to the hospital? who, after miscarrying, tells her fuck-up teenage son to drive her to the hospital? it’s not like she couldn’t afford an ambulance.

    i was in the other room on my treadmill (i finally got one after so many years of wanting one), and i only get the local channels on the tv in there. i watched some of the chimpy interview with oprah, and i thought i’d vomit. she couldn’t have kissed his ass more.

    • A few points. I can’t say 150 years ago, when Babs was fertile, a doc didn’t ask her to do that.

      However, if it really was a fetus, it’s not like fetuses miscarry and look all tiny and cute like my stunt fetus (Fetus Bush, III). It would look like an indistinguishable hot mess all encased in an organ. He would have basically been looking at fresh hamburger thinking, aw, a sibling (which, I know, his sibs do that to him all the time).

      She could have been fucking with him, because you know he’s gullible.

      No matter what the case, they’re weird.

      • heard this last night….the dynamics of that whole family is absolutely fucked up…finally had to change the channel when i started getting nauseous.
        and seriously…worse moment of his presidency was when Kanye said he didn’t like black people? really??? wtf? the man is entirely delusional.
        his constant inappropriate smirking made me just want to reach through the tv and slap him upside the head. have to give m. lauer credit though, he didn’t seem like he wanted to be there at all, and wasn’t kissing his ass, at least in the part i saw. he had a look on his face like someone had told him he had to change a shitty diaper.

  2. In my mind, there’s a dot about a baby in a jar and another dod about W being President. I can’t conceive how a line managed to connect the dots.

  3. Lest we forget:

    “Why should we hear about body bags and deaths,” Barbara Bush said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on March 18, 2003. “Oh, I mean, it’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”


    That might explain all the dead American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the untold tens of thousands of dead Iraqis and Afghanis. This family’s sociopathy goes way back.

    • That was a gem. Then about the Hurricane Katrina evacuees:

      “Almost everyone I’ve talked to said we’re going to move to Houston. What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas.

      “Everybody is so overwhelmed by all the hospitality. And so many of the peoples in the arena here, you know, they’re underprivileged anyway, so this–this is working very well for them.”

          • i always thought she was a bitch on wheels…you can see where Shrub got his attitude from…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. not to mention she looks like a man in drag…scary.
            one fo the best descriptions i ever read of Shrub (possibly from Molly Ivins) was (paraphrasing) his attitude makes one think he was the kid who, when playing baseball as a kid, if things didn’t go his way, took his bat and ball and went home. and Mommy was there to soothe his wittle feelings and symathize about how mean the other kids were. sheesh…

  4. I love people who go on tv to be interviewed then get all bent out of shape when the interviewer asks them questions… I remember one of the five press conferences he deigned to do as President. It was just prior to the 2004 elections, and the reporter asked if he could think of any mistakes he’d made or things he would do differently. He literally told the reporter, “Boy, I wish you’d submitted this question ahead of time so I could have had time to think of the answer.” Shouldn’t a President be able to think on his feet? He’s like the kid who never prepares for class, even though the teacher always call on them…


    • If I recall correctly, he paused for a tiny bit, pretending to think, and finally said no, he didn’t make any mistakes.

      The man’s a complete loser. Unfortunately hundreds of millions of people are paying his losses while he gets off scot free.

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