This Week in Dumb
This Week in Dumb

New Republicans are pissing off Old Republicans because New Republicans are categorically fucking stupid, according to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

The newly elected GOP can’t fucking read much less point to goddamn China on a map.”  (Fox News)

In other news of the dumb, former President George W. Bush recalls pissing off Dick Cheney:

Remember that when I didn’t pardon I. Lewis Libby (who writes bear porn)?  That was cool.”  (MSNBC)

You’ll recall Cheney, Libby, and Rove made Bush look like a dumbass a dumber ass. (WaPo)

Speaking of Rove, Turdblossom says President Obama isn’t nearly as politically skilled as former President Clinton. (Orlando Sentinel)

Because it’s a fucking contest?

And Peggy Noonan cut loose in the Wall Street Journal and went straight-up street on Sarah Palin:

The point is not ‘He was a great man and you (Sarah Fucking Palin) are a nincompoop,’ though that is true. Hff, hff, hff, hff, hff.”


32 thoughts on “Republican Retard Roundup

  1. whoa! i wonder what the rethugs will say about bloomberg now. he’s pretty popular, so they had better think before they speak (like that would ever happen). i also wonder what the evil spawn, liz cheney, will say about chimpy for dissing her daddy. i doubt that we’ll hear directly from deadeye dick now that he no longer has a pulse. interesting that turdblossom had to go back to bill clinton to find a president who was politically skilled. wasn’t there a president after clinton? maybe i’m remembering wrong. and peggington noonington? i bet little prissy chrissie would not approve of what the pegster does while looking at her old st. ronnie pictures.

  2. Also too, Bristol Palinspawn is best buds with the sister of one of those army guys that killed a bunch of afghan civilians just for funzies.

    I find that pretty stupid too.

    There is no tile on this particular cesspool; it’s cess all the way down.

  3. No Michelle Bachman? I don’t know what she has said because I don’t listen to her, but I imagine it was something stupid.

    Oh … Now Queen Sarah is taking on the Fed Chair. As she continues to energize her base, she continues to self-destruct in front of the masses.

  4. Hi Melissa

    Hope all is well. As a Republican, my chief concern with Sarah Palin is that she doesn’t come across as someone who doesn’t know the difference between Moscow, Idaho and Moscow, Russia. Personally, I believe she does know the difference, but we–the Republicans–have to be wary that she doesn’t fall victim to any doubts, especially if we dare nominate her in 2012.

    Have a good week.

  5. just don’t understand why you thought it was okay to use the word retard. really awful choice of words. do you frequently use slurs that mock the disabled?

    • Hi, Mikey!!! 😀

      You’ll be honored to know I am presently holding a candle light vigil in memorium of your sense of humor. I rock like that.

      But just in case you’re from a place where they use much fancier English, I’ll clue you in on the word “retard.”

      Re·tard, function noun \ri-ˈtärd\ North American slang: idiot.

      Do you poop in your hand often?

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