The Dark Side is Strong with This One
I’m Simmi, and I write shit.

The Keith Olbermann story is blowing up Twitter right now.

I clicked USC professor Marc Cooper’s tweet.  Cooper was interviewed by Politico’s Simmi Aujla for his expertise on journalist ethics.  Read what he says,

…this was basically an NBC h.r. story and not one about journalism ethics.  I said that Olbermann is a partisan commentator who gives millions in free air time to Democrats so what difference did it make if he also gave some donations.  If it broke an NBC rule, I said, then it was a hypocritical rule and plain absurd.

She kept saying but.. but… but, politely but firmly and obviously not agreeing with me…”

Anyone who has worked in news knows what she’s doing.  Aujla wanted an answer that fit her version of how the story should be written.

I had NBC did this to me when Mexican nationals were forced to start using new ID cards to get into the U.S.  The producer asked me about use of the cards since the law requiring them just went into effect.  I said, we sent a photographer, and the border patrol said no one can afford them; so, they aren’t being used yet.  And she asked, but can you get video of people using them?  I said, “no” like I forgot to say “stupid” after no.  So, she was all pissy.  The whore.  I said we could give her sound from people who can’t afford the cards.  Not interested.  NBC wanted a Rah! Rah! Rah! Homeland Security story, and it didn’t exist.

Guess what?  Aujla didn’t use any of Cooper’s expert quotes in her Politico story.  Cooper obviously didn’t fit into the reality Aujla was inventing.

Oh, and she’s feigning objectivity big time on Twitter right now. Kinda funny.


8 thoughts on “Little Miss Shit-Fer-Brains “Reports” on Olbermann

  1. I remember yelling at some blonde bimbo on faux news for asking a guest a question and -not finding the answer she was looking for- rephrased the question.I do not recall the second answer but I think it may have been the same as the first.I was too busy bitching about how a “journalist” should observe and report…not ask questions to fit his/her own political or philisophical views or opinions…but I could be wrong…

    • One of the candidates Olbermann donated to… Rep. Grijalva (D-AZ) had white powder sent to his office which fire officials said was toxic. The package included a swastika. I wonder if that was what motivated Olbermann to donate. I remember seeing Grijalva on the show that night. I think that act of domestic terrorism may have driven home the import of the election.

      Olbermann is a big boy. He’ll survive this easily, but I’m sure he’s mortified that “he” became the story.

  2. i really think that the ko story is much ado about nothing. he has a contract with msnbc, he did something he wasn’t supposed to do, and he got a slap on the wrist. what should be discussed is the larger story. should journalists be advocates for any candidate or political party? how much info should the viewer be privy to when it comes to those bringing them information? aside from campaign donations or things of that nature, should we know that reporter x was hobnobbing with politician y last night at a cocktail party and is interviewing y tonight? where is the line drawn between journalist and commentator? i found this article earlier tonight. ironically, it’s from msnbc, back in 2007:


  3. I could use 500 dollars.As far as whose cleavage I sniff my cocaine from-that is between me and said rack.and I had to google Phyllis Schlafly,and it would have to be ALOT AND I MEAN ALOT OF SUGAR to go near that.That is a little too close to the cryptkeeper for me.

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